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Germination the easy, foolproof way

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by doctorMJ, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I had a few seeds that I wanted to germinate this week in my efforts to grow new mothers and try new strains. I ended up finding out a nice, convenient way to germinate that hardly takes up any room at all. Jiffy peat pellets fit perfectly into these small plastic tubs that I have accumulated (Great Value 2 qt drink mix tubs). I soaked the peat pellets and let them expand (with one in each tub). I planted my seeds in the pellets about as deep as the seeds are thick. I then used another tub as a little humidity dome for each one and put them all on a warming mat in a nice dark spot. I could not believe how fast I got the results I got (pictures below) when I got home. In 58 hours, I had sprouted seedlings that had all broken the surface of the peat pods ... in barely more than two days! I did no prior pre-soaking of the seeds or anything, just planted them in damp peat pellets, covered, and sat them on a warming mat in the dark. I used RO water throughout, also.



    Plastic tubs (from Great Value 2 qt drink mixes) shown with a dry peat pellet, an expanded peat pellet, and used as a humidity dome -




    Planted seeds, with humidity dome tubs and on a warming mat -




    Grand Daddy Purple (left) and Black Cat (right) seedlings after only 58 hours -




    This method worked perfectly, quickly, and with items I already had on hand. I plan to germinate all future seeds this way!
  2. Nice write up!

    Although, I'm still unsure how people screw up germination. I think people over complicating such a simple process is where they find problems. You've simplified it.
  3. I'm also unsure as to how it can go wrong. In soil works fine, I like to do it in towels because sometimes I get impatient waiting for them in soil and I like to make sure it goes in taproot facing down.
  4. ohspyro89 and Anonymous303, I agree, germinating should be an easy thing. This just seemed to be the fastest way I have used, using a minimal amount of space (the small individual tubs that maintain a very humid environment), while also resulting in the seedling being established in a very portable and easy medium without having to touch it or move it at all after initially planting. The good old KISS method. I will be putting these into some "Vic's super soil" as soon as they get the first set of true leaves.
  5. This is the same as putting it in a paper towel with plastic bag in warm place, nice writeup but over thinking a bit germination is to easy for all this whooplah
  6. I did not have to carefully (and tediously) remove the seeds/seedlings for planting (without damaging them) as I would have to with a paper towel, so I did not think it was the same. Sorry if this seemed frivolous to you, but I liked it so much that I thought someone else out there (who couldn't find humidity domes and nursery trays in their area) might get some benefit from it. Forgive my newness.
  7. Ahh didnt really see what you did there sorry I see what you mean now and that is a nice method you have there, I usally towel them and they get stuck in the towel I might have to try your method with my next seed becuase ill be doing 100% perlite your start would work perfect for that. :smoke:
  8. Fantastic guide!!! Going to do this myself right now!!!!
  9. Where do you get warming pads

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