Germination success

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Feb 28, 2023.

  1. Well out of the ten seeds I got from greenhouse seed co almost all popped up now is that point when they either live or die fingers crossed 16776159683345004081768813513287.jpg 16776159683345004081768813513287.jpg
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  2. Oh yeah and one of the dispo bag seeds popped too
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  3. If a seed sprouts there's no reason for a experience grower to lose it.
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  4. Is humidity a big factor at this point I have the temperature around 78 f but humidity is only 30 or 40% should I use a humidifier and boost it or just mist them a few times I usually grow from clone that's why I ask?
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  5. You can buy a cheap humidifier and set it at 60 percent for young seedlings.
    But I have grown them with 35 percent humidity in basement in winter time.
    You can mist leaves if you want, but the most thing that hurts seedlings is people over watering them before they can handle it.
    Coco is a different story,once I place my seedling in a one liter air pot it gets feed once a day with 20 percent run off at 200 ppm.
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  6. Yeah I am keeping them moist not wet thanks
  7. Nope. Water normal. As long as its not dessert conditions where your nose feels like bleeding from being so dry .
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  8. I have bought humidifiers that blow a mist in the air and they work good.
    But here's one I bought that I like a lot
    Easy to fill and has a fan on top to blow cool air not a mist.
    Only goes up to 65 percent humidity but that's ok with me.
    It would work ok for your grow area.

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  9. walmart has some on clearance right now i am going to look at them today i like the easy fill and top fan

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