Germination Stage,Outdoor Grow Area and Transport ?'s!

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  1. Ok so My questions are about transport,germination and sexing:
    Im starting a couple of seeds in rockwool: the guy who sold them to me told me to soak them in water for a couple of minutes,make a hole and stick the seed right in.He then told me to spray the thing everytime the rockwool gets dry.I have them in a propagation tray with a plastic cover on it.How long do I keep the plants in?Also,should I leave it next to a window for light?and for how many hours?
    next thing is transport,I found a great grow area right along a river: there's a trail on the pass,but if you keep going you can clearly see it hasnt been used for a while,because plant cover the whole place,thats where I thought would be great. So I went down the path and I found a little patch,not covered by tree branches so the place gets some direct light for a while.The soild is always kinda wet 'cause its on the river.So Is this a good place?
    How can I transport the plants from my house to the place,without ruining the plants?
    That's about it ,for now!:)
    I attached the pics of the area (NOT Grow area)but it gives an idea:
    In the last picture you can see a bridge:right in front there's Is an area,if you keep going down there,you get to the grow area.To get to this place you have to follow the trail on the hill.If you want complete stealth,you would have to go there at night,because runners and biker go along the opposite path.

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  2. I am sorry man, if you just soaked the seeds for a few minutes I doubt that they will grow. I soak my seeds for a day or two before planting them. But of course I hope everything works out for ya.

    Your little green friend,
  3. ok but,would that mean that I can give the plants less water,since its near a river?

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