GERMINATION: Soak In Cup vs Paper Towel Method

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  1. I have some feminized seeds that I just recieved, I got 3 strains that I got only 1 seed of because of the price, and a couple other strains I got more seeds for.

    So I got Distiller Water and Spring Water as I dont know which one would be better.

    I need a sure way to germinate these seeds. I want to know which method is better, the paper towel or the soak in cup, AND which water do I use?
  2. If your not worried about using up soil, theres no reason you shouldnt just plant them in saturated soil and wait, involves less steps, but also more patience.
    Germination 420 sticky is great if you decide to germinate.
  3. agree w/ anony. I've had just as much success doing it straight into the soil (assuming that's what you're using). Why chance handling the taproot if you don't need to?
  4. id say distilled......i think some ppl call it RO...reverse osmosis....
    but i just got some nice seeds too and just filled a shot glass half full with tap(was too lazy too boil it...) water and covered with a coffee mug on a heating pad and had all 6 germinated within 48hrs... blue cheese and atomic haze.... sprouts are doin fine...

    definately nothing wrong with puttin it in soil....less chance for error....
  5. Into the soil as God intended - keep it warm and moist. Why introduce possible damaging extra and unnecessary steps?
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    Personally, I'm a big fan of soaking the seeds at least overnight before I plant them directly into soil. I'm not a big fan of the paper towel method, I feel the tap root and rooting of the plant is stronger if you plant directly into soil. I do believe you should soak the seeds in water overnight though.


    PS: I use water adjusted to 6.5 PH and a drop or 2 of hydrogen peroxide. I also water my soil the night before and place the seed about 1/2 inch into the soil. I do not water again until the seedling breaks the soil surface.

  7. All those germination methods are pretty much the same thing.

    Good amount of humidity, little to no light, and a lot of love haha.

    Growing right from soil is nice because fiddling with the seeds when they pop can put ALOT of stress on the plant which can be potentially bad unless your gentle.

    Its just a personal opinion really. I'd say go with directly into soil or paper towel. Keep the paper towel moist.. not dripping wet, keep it in a bag for moisture and put it on top of something warm, like your computer monitor while its on.

    You should see some tail in no time.
  8. Its up to you, all these methods have potential to grow perfectly fine. i personally use paper towels.:bongin:
  9. I do both, I soak my seeds in a solution of liquid seaweed and water over night and then if necessary I put them in a paper towel and pour the solution onto the napkin and keep moist until seeds open. But many times I have had seeds open over night in the cup and were ready to plant the next day!

    Use spring water soak the seeds over night then if needed transfer to a paper towel and fold well to form good insulation put some where warm and keep towel moist but not soaked until seeds open.
  10. i germ my seeds in water first is so i know the seed has CRacked...before i plant it into soil....... works for me...

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