germination root too long

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  1. hi guys,

    I just put to germinate 10 seeds under some warm light and all the requirements for a nice environment for them.

    they sprouted very fast and I didn't know what to do.

    plus, my peat pellets were too dry so they took hours to absorb the water.

    I could put 5 of the seeds in half inflated peat pellets and had to wait all night long to have the remaining pellets. in the morning, all I had was another halfway ready peat pellets and seeds with BIG sprouts/roots.

    in order to not waste everything, I had cut all those sprouts in half and put them into the peat pellets.

    has anyone tried that?

    would they survive?

    thank you!
  2. To clarify, you cut the tap root?!!!!
  3. yes, that's it.

    in half.
  4. I can't remember the preferred nomenclature right now but the starting root that develops in germination.
  5. I wasn't expecting those dry peat pellets nor the accelerated germination.
  6. That would be the TAPROOT. and if you cut that in half, they are pretty much dead. 
  7. General rule I've learned as a beginner. Sharp objects belong in the kitchen, not the grow room. Don't cut things unless you are 100% sure. If you aren't 100%, lucky we are watching grass grow and not driving formula 1. Take a few hours and do extra reading, the plants will be there when you're done. No need for quick reaction
  8. Well... contrary to "popular" belief, the seeds are germinating well!
    I'll add pictures soon.
  9. dont cut anymore tap roots you could have still planted
  10. Are you gonna do it next grow then, revolution
  11. Got lucky

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