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  1. hey guys well i germinated my seeds by soaking them in water for 24 hours... no signs of the shell splitting so i went ahead and threw them in some soil but still nothing should i try to regerminate them? or have my seeds died??and another question i have a seed sprouting (beaster seeds) and i see the root has come above the soil? its about 1/3 of an inch above the soil is it too fragile to transplant it into a bigger container and deeper??

    thanx in advanced
  2. Just leave em alone, if thet are going to grow, it dosen't mater, don't resoak them. The other, with the root, just bury lightly the root with potting soil; it'll be ok.

    I quit fooling with sprouting seeds; like I said, if they are going to grow the're gonna grow. Just keep your soil moist. I use a squirt bottle for mine. Actually, it's a battery powered mister; best $6.00 I ever spent. Got it at Bi-Mart.

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  4. I had a similar problem and I think I ended up killing most of them because I was too impatient, just leave them alone for about 48 hours, some say it can take up to 10 days to break the seed,I only wait up to 72.
    Why are you germinating by soaking them, best way is to do it is between paper towels cover it and put it on top of something warm, dvd player, tv, whatever and let them sit there for 48 hours.
    If the root is above the soil you might want to flip it over, you should be able to dig under it and grab it by the seed, given that its still hanging to the top of your plant, root don't like light, they will shrivel up and die.

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