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  1. I can't seem to get it right. I planted 10 beans and 4 died shortly after the seed head came up. Part of the root looked brown and shriveled. I figured it was because the medium was too wet. The two that came up,shed the seed head and spread its wings started leaning over soon after like it was thirsty, though the medium was moist. Overwatering, I know, I've done it before. So I decided to try germing the seeds first in H2O. when the seed cracked I placed it in soil under 4-20w fluroescents on 24hr. I misted the tops are dry. One has come up nicely, but the others don't seem to be doing as well. One seed popped its leaves out before the root was set so I tossed it. I put the cracked seeds in the soil point side down but some turned on their side. Now the root is running horizontally is that a problem? Maybe I'm being impatient but I don't know what to do next.
    I have 13 seeds that have yet to show themselves and its been 2 days since they were planted. I thought that when you germ the seeds before you plant them it wouldn't be long before they sprouted. HELP???
  2. hey man, the best way to germanate seeds is to put them between moist wet papertower and keep in a dark closed off area. this worked for me. it can take anywhere from 2 ta 10days for seed to germantate, just wait for the seed to crack in half then when u see a sprout like thikngy an inch long, plant it, with the sprout downwards to the soil. and in a couple days it will grow.
  3. Well, I planted them when the seed cracked and you could see a little white on the inside. Could this be why it is seeming to take long for the beans to sprout? I read that if you let the taproot get too long before planting the plant wouldn't make it.
    The beans are C99, Blue Mystic, Ak47, NLXBig Bud, and Skunk #1=Nirvana.
    This is my first grow with good seeds and I don't want to mess up my chances at some really good bud.
    Anyone who has experience with these strains let me know what they like.
    Grow space 3x3 w/ 400w hps and small veg area w/ 4-20w fluro for seedlings-Is this space also ideal for clones?
  4. When you planted them did you bury them with the tap root facing downwards?....i just put mine straight into wet soil and wait for it to pop up...i've only ever had to salvage 1 that wasn't surfacing and turn it around......Peace out...Sid
  5. I tried to plant taproot down but some turned sideways, should I dig up and replant? Will that stress the plant?
  6. thats what i done and she's 2 weeks into flowering some can take a day or 2 longer than others to sprout....but i would be carefull and make sure it was ok...sometimes they can be hard to see with all the out...Sid
  7. Maybe I got lucky but this is what I did on my first grow(after EXTENSIVE reading of books and this site).
    I used bag seed from some primo herb and picked out 8 of the best ones. I soaked them in room temp water in a dark warm area for 24 hours. I checked them every so often to try to make sure they all sunk.
    I then used Jiffy Pellets(pop-up peat pellets) and sowed the seeds pointed side down 1/4" deep. I put them in a tray with a plastic humidity dome under 40 watts of flouros. I then put the tray on a milk crate with a 15 watt bulb in a brooder lamp under the tray for heat.
    I had 2 sprout in two days and 3 more within five days. I stopped there and threw out the other 3 that never came up. I didn't have the space for them anyway.
    But for my first time 5 out of 8 bag seeds ain't bad. I read that if your new at this, moving seeds around that have already sprouted their taproot can be easy to screw up. If you do soak them for that long then get them out of the water as soon as they crack.
  8. I place my seeds between 2-3 folds of papertowel wet them well then stick them in plastic bag, then put tehm in warm dark place I check them every 3-5 minutes---grin not really..
    I check them 2-3 days then each day after that when the white thiung sticks out about 1/4 inch I plant it about 1/2 inch in potting soil with the white thing facing down. About 2-3 days later they pop out of the soil I very lightly mist around the site but not on the sprot and I don't soak it. I have 100 hit rate when I get a white baby root.

    I don't give it too bright a light till I have second set of leafs. Tehn i place it about 4 " below grow flor.
    After I get 2 more leafs I bring it rather close 1" from the grow light flor. After 3-4 leaf sets keep it 1" or less from the flor all the way to 16".
    It seems to at first grow slow but then after it gets 4-6 leafs they grow very quicky. I keep moving the lights up with the plant and sometimes get 2-3 " a day.
    I noticed if I don't move the light up quick enough the plant grows crooked but it doesn't hurth the plant at all it makes it make more side axials.\
    Again I am a lucky grower..and usally I'd rather be lucky then smart! LOL
  9. i put them in between a wet paper towel .. letthe exces water run off .. put a bowl over to block out any light.. and after a few days.. when the sprout was about an inch long i planted them ... i now have three good plants .. that was worked well for me ...
  10. After checking my grow this evening, I think I may have spoken too soon. Today is only the second day they've been planted and I can tell there has been growth. There is no sign of root rot and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I guess I should know in a few days what's what.

    Oh, I also repositioned the seeds w/ horizontal growth. Hope this helps.

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