Germination Problems and Sexing Question

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SmirkingRevenge, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. I have some new seeds I received from Dutch Passion. These seeds are not germinating as my previous ones have, instead of producing the starting leaves and generally growing as plants, they produce very weak tap roots and generally never advance out of their shells. The one whose shell I finally gave up on and manually cracked open looks very odd:


    It's been about a week and a half and of the 10 seeds I received, only a scant 3 have developed into anything I'd call a plant (whereas my prior order of seeds from a different supplier I had a 90% success rate on). Is this just the type of seed (strawberry cough) and it will eventually grow, or are these things not even viable? If they're not, should I contact the breeder or what?


    This one is really weird, note the discolored stem and the lack of actual leaves inside the cotyledons. It's been like this for many days now, there's not even a hint of the tiny leaves I normally see when a seedling is out of its shell. What gives??


    On a brighter note, one of my oldest plants has started asymmetric branching. Can anyone identify the sex yet or do I need to wait a little longer for it to show?

  2. Lots of info there, but I'm stoned:)

    All pics look fine. all seeds start different. SC is a nice smoke.

    I don't really see any problems. How much light you got them chasing?

    Can't sex w/that pic. How old? 5/6 weeks before preflower in veg. You can take a cutting and put it on 12/12 to find out?


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