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    I recently completed my first grow closet for my first grow (well its a work in progress but it has the basics now). I just began germinating 5 legends ultimate indica seeds. I am wondering what lighting I should use for my seedlings. The closet is armed with a 600watt hps system, but i am wondering if that will be too harsh on seedlings. I have a reptile light fixture and a 75watt incandescent bulb (currently keeping my germinating seeds warm as they wake up in their paper towel and plate house) and I have a 27 watt flouro bulb designed to emit UVB light.

    Will the HPS be too harsh for the seedlings? do i need to buy another cfl simply for seedlings? Can I use the 27 watt cfl? Any advice is appreciated
  2. are they still in paper towel? if so no light is needed.

    i would use the CFL for seedlings as it will be cheaper on the hydro bill. a little stem and 2 leaves doesnt need all that light of the 600W.

    have you dry run the 600 for a bit to see what temps you will be dealing with?
  3. They are still in the paper towel yes. I was referring to the light they would need as seedlings, ill give the cfl a try. I havent dry run it for any length of time yet, I'll do that today to ensure my temps will be okay. I have a 160 CFM inline duct fan and the total cab volume is 108 cubic feet. Intake on the bottom, and I can duct it to draw cold air from outside or vent the used air outside, so hopefully heat wont be a huge issue

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