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  1. okay so i germinated my pineapple kush and it just sprouted but is okay if i leave it in the paper towl for another day? just so i know it definitily is fully sprouted? i mean i could see the white thing half way out
  2. Yes, make sure it doesn't dry out, and plant it tommorow (it has definetly sprouted though). It would be ok to plant it now, which is what I would do, but if you haven't got soil ready yet do it tomorrow and keep the sprout moist though not drowning.
  3. Yes u can. I wait till the tap root is about a 1/2 to 1" long b4 planting it.
  4. okay thank you so much and yes i got the soil ready and just got it wet for dampened but just wanted to make sure it sprouted so i will go ahead and set it in my pot now. so it will go in the soil. im going to set in my window so sun light gets to it then when it starts to grow and i see the stem and leafs ill set it under clfs think its a good idea?
  5. Yes sounds good, I normally try and point the root down, but it doesnt matter as they look for the light. Once it comes up, put it under a single cfl for a couple days (or sun like you said) and then have 5 or 6 20w cfls ready for the vegging phase. Scrog or lst is great for cfl's btw, keeps yields high and plants short, allowing maximum light saturatation.

    Water when the soil is dry even an inch or so down. If it is still moist under the top layer of soil, wait another day.
    Just my opinion obviously, and others here may have more/better advice for you; if only they reply. But it is rather straight-forward for now.
  6. thanks great advice

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