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  1. First of all I've read the sticky about germination and I've done the exact same thing on two other occasions and it has worked. But this time I'm trying germinate some brand new seeds, I've tried following the exact same instructions as in the sticky twice now for these seeds, and I've tried multiple seeds, and still for some reason they are not germinating. Can some tell me some possible things I may be forgetting or something I'm just not doing like it says in the sticky?
  2. what kind of seeds are they? you can try lining a match box with sand paper and shaking the seeds inside it to make the shell softer or taking a very sharp and clean knife and split the end of the seed so water can get in.
  3. On this last one I tried adding one step before everything else. I found this step in another procedure online, you soak your seeds in distilled water for 24 hrs until they sink and then do the rest of the steps. The seeds did sink so I know they can absorb water. I just don't know what the deal is with them.
  4. where did u get the seeds and what kind are they?

    the plant i have growing now sunk to the bottom of a glass also and stayed in a tupperware container in moist paper towel for over a week, still nothing. i got a lil pissed and used my fingernail on the bottom edge of the seed and split it just a bit. had a tap root the next morning! just because water got in doesnt mean the shell got weak enuff to for the root to break thru.
  5. I got them from Vancouver Seed Bank in Canada and they are California Orange

    So basically you did the exact samething I did except after a week you split open the end just a little bit? Did you split open the pointed end?
  6. yep, i did just what you did and yes i split the pointed end. be very careful not to bust it all the way open or cut it in half, just a small split or crack then back into the paper towel until a tap root shows.

    i say try the sand paper first but if your comfortable go for it. i wish i could remember where i saw a picture of the process, i was just looking at it before i saw your thread
  7. Ok I'll try both and see what happens. How soon did you see a root come out after you did those two things?
  8. i saw the root the nexr morning. are you storing the seeds in a warm and dark place also?
  9. Keep the seeds wet and warm (85F) until the sprout comes out about 1/2 in. Then just plant in your medium.

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