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    I really want to be clear. I'm a beginner and I've asked around and herd lots of good information about how to germinate a seed. I herd that you can put in a cup of water thats filled and that will germinate it or you can put in paper towels or do both, I dont really clearly understand this. So I have a few questions.

    1)How to exactly germinate a seed. (This is for clarity, I really don't understand.)

    2)Right after you plant the seed with the little white root tip I herd that it is now in the vegetation growth stage, when its in the "vegetation" growth stage how much water do you water it? (I'm going to put all the 10 seeds I ordered in 2 gallon pots and than sex them, and remove the unsuccessful ones, if you have feedback for this please tell me!)

    3)What time of plant since the second I planted the seed, do I start worrying about my pH water levels, when I was told the pH is gonna be 6.6-6.8 from my company that I ordered from. (By the way these plants is called Fucking Incredible, no one really grew it so I will defiantly keep you guys posted.)

    4)I have a 400 watt HPS bulb with the tempered glass and ventilation; right when you plant the seed when should I start my vegetation light schedule, and how far do you guys think the light should be from my black plastic pots? Also does 24/7 end up giving you better dope or does it just make it grow faster, I don't understand this, their is a set timing for flowering which is 12/12, but their inst for vegetation what is difference with doing 24/7 and 18/6

    Thank you guys!
  2. You have the link on where to buy seeds called fucking incredible....
  3. 1. To germinate a seed, first soak it in water for 24 hours.
    Then either place it between some moist paper towels, checking every few hours if there's a taproot, and when there is, plant in a premade 1in hole and cover lightly yet thoroughly with soil,
    or place it directly into pre-watered soil, kept warm and away from strong light sources. (This is the method I use, it seems more natural, and I have a 66% success rate so far. [2 out of 3])
    2. From the time it breaks soil until it produces the first 5 bladed leaves (around day 14) it is in the seedling stage. It needs very little water at this stage, in fact if the soil is properly moistened before planting then you will have enough for the first few days at least.(Depends on temps. and humidity too.) I have no idea how big a 2 gallon pot is, but it sounds big for individual seedlings. If you need more info on watering just ask.
    3. It's good to always know the PH of the water, nutrient mix and soil, in fact it's recommended to have the soil as close to the optimum PH as possible berofe even planting. The PH levels affect nutrient intake and so affect growth throughout the entire grow.

    If you can control temps., humidity and PH, then you will almost certainly have a successful grow.

    Best of luck!
  4. So you are basicly saying, once tap root is seen plant virtically down in my organic soil (foxfarm) pre watered with a ph of 6.7, and no light for 1 week and no water for 1 week and it should grow? (I told you exactly what I was going to do in a question form!)
  5. You're nearly there, no water for a week, keep the pots covered to keep the moisture in, as soon as you see a sprout take off the cover and put it under the light.Could be one day, could be two weeks!

    P.S. If you knew exactly what you were going to do anyway, then why ask?
  6. My last message was all of my wisdom with your knowledge put in a set critera of what to do. I really don't know what to do. I'm just putting what you said with my brain that sort of grasps the idea.

    I just really want to learn how to get the seed from germination all the way until vegetation. I want to know exactly every detail. I really want to nail a good healthy marijuana plant specially fucking incredible. No one I know or even on google has grown it. I came across like a couple people growing it. Its a different plant.
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    Sorry bud, I misinterpreted that last sentence, I thought you were referring back to your first post, my apologies.

    If you want a really good book on how to grow (it covers everything but isn't crazy technical like some of the books out there) PM me your e-mail and I'll send you a copy on PDF. Or if you don't want to do that I'll pm you a link to where you can download it.

    As for specifics for Fucking Incredible, I can't help you there I'm afraid. This is the first time I've heard of it.When you get it to the veg stage you should start a journal.
  8. Go to and search Jorge Cervantes. He's a damn good experienced grower, and has published some of the best grow books written. Very in depth, and written so even I can understand it, LOL. His DVD's, however, are just a talkjing version of his books. Don't waste your money on the DVD's. Get the book called "Marijuana Horticulture, The Indoor/Outoodr Medical Grower's Bible." And it ain't just for Med users! ;)

    Happy growing, and keep on tokin'!
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    I e-mailed the book to ya, let me know what you think!

    Edit: Delivery failure. I'll try again later.
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    get some luke warm water

    (when you dip your finger in it, you neither sense warmth nor coldness)

    if you can, make sure the PH isnt outrageous, although its unlikely to be for drinking water.

    drop your seeds in the water.

    put the bowl or cup or whatever somewhere dark and moderately warm.


    within 3 days most should have germinated.

    you should have pre prepared a soil mix.
    , moistened it, mix it and let it rest for a couple of days beforehand. its a good idea to make up your mix when you put your seeds in water..
    make sure the mix isnt "hot". ie, no added nutrients. a good basic mix is potting soil with perlite - you can mix anything upto 25% perlite or so.

    place mix into small cups/pots. make sure the pots have drainage, and arent transparent.

    plant seeds, taproot down, into the soil.
    cover top of seed with a minimal amount of soil. enough to make double certain that no light can get through.

    put the pots/cups somewhere moderately dark and warm.
    keep the soil moist, but not wet.

    i cannot, and no one should say to you "water once a week", or anything like that.
    because no one knows how hot it is where you live, how humid, or even how much your soil retains water. so you have to judge for yourself.

    just make sure its MOIST, but not wet.
    like your girlfriend before orgasm, not after. keh?

    and make sure that the water your using for watering has been left open, in contact with the air for preferably 24 hours before watering to get the evaporate the chlorine from it. again, if possible, make sure the PH isnt outrageous.

    it will most likely take a couple of days for the seeds to germinate, and then after you plant them, itll take a couple more days for them to poke out of soil.

    but then you are still in whats considered the SEEDLING stage, not the veg stage.
    when your plant has a couple of sets of leaves then you can say its in a veg state.

    and i only bothered writing this because your seeds are $140 a packet.

    thats CRAZZZY for a new grower.
    that will be $140 down the drain if you dont start learning quick-time.

    good luck
  11. ^^^^ Yup, this is all exactly right, if you follow it you'll do perfect! ^^^^
  12. Thanks guys I really appriciate it. Do I have to use perlite, or can I just use foxfarm oceanforest immediatley?
  13. Mix up your perlite with your soil. Make it about 25% perlite or something like that.

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