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  1. The directions say put in a glass of water 18 hours than transfer to plate with damp paper towels in a warm dark place until the tails come out does this sound ideal? I decided on the critical mass IMG_20230209_155311807.jpg
  2. You just grew pounds but are starting a thread asking how to germinate?




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  3. How did you do it last time? :rolleyes:
  4. Not even close to my method. I begin by putting the seed between at least 2 layers of paper towel that are throughly wet but not dripping. Fold the towels and put the seed about a half inch below the fold. Allow at least 3 inches of towel below the seed for the sprout to grow. Cover this with aluminum foil and fold the edges to keep moisture in and light out. Stand this on edge with the seed at the top in an area that will be about at a comfortable room temperature. In about three days the seed should be sprouted, if it is fresh. Longer if is older. But check it and see if it has sprouted yet. The sprout will grow straight down and the seed will shed the hull. Carefully plant the sprouted seed with the cotyledon just above the soil.
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  5. I remove mine from the freezer

    place to a jar lined with sandpaper

    shake 60 secs

    drop to a jar with a tsp of aloe vera as a surfactant

    once sunk

    remove to a dish with damp kitchen towels keep warm

    seeds can and do drown, wetting the seeds allows the inner cells to react with water and swell

    2 words I had to learn from my horty buddy, are imbibe and rest?

    good luck
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  6. last time only 2 sprouted and i used this method i was thinking maybe there was a better way
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  7. does the water temperature matter? and is spring water ok
  8. Yes and yes , Only 80 % gem rate !!!!!!!!! ((((((((( WOW )))))))))) This is not good at all . RED FLAGS THERE . i expect at least 95 % today . Back in the 80s it was that low . Are you sure you want to plant them ? 20 % duds good god that would cost a real grow money and profit . To answer your question plant them anyway you want . If one way is better then another is subjective . Temps under 85f over 65 f about best 70 to 75 my subjective opinion . Best way to sprout them ? Again i use paper towels . Wet them then use your hand to get them almost dry . Put inside 2 layers or more inside a zip lock baggy . Done in 7 days . 95 % or more success rate ,. Also rock wool cubes plant them in there works well. Not soaked . Never soak a seed in water 100 % they do require o2 to do there process also when planted they need o2 to work. Why to0 much water is bad .
  9. Spring water should be great. I normally germinate between 22-25°C.
    Do you have a cloner? Like the aeroponic type? Because imo that's the best and fastest way to germinate.
    May want to read over the first message in
    Bato of the Systems
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    I like room, and water temps to be 75f-80f. I use a cup of distilled, or reverse osmosis water. I put the seeds in that. Cover with anything thats light proof. Aluminum foil works great.

    Usually in 12-24 hours with good seeds they are either showing short tails, or you can tell the seed is cracked, and see the white of the soon to be emerging root. If not soak longer. Change water every 2 days as needed.

    I then fill my 32oz Uline Deli Containers with Promix BX, and wet the top 10% 15% of the Promix. I then poke a very shallow hole in the middle of the mix with a toothpick, or a small nail., and place the seed sharp end down, and then with the toothpick, I push the seed a bit deeper into the medium.. Just enough soil as to when I spray the top, the seed does not come to the surface. Maybe an 1/8-1/16 of an inch. Just enough so the seed doesnt break the surface of the medium, when I spray it. I put the sprout sharp end down. After covering the seed slightly by pushing it down in the medium. I will then again lightly mist the medium, and make sure the seed does not break the surface of the medium.

    I then place some Saran Wrap on top of the container. I will also mist the Saran Wrap on the surface that will be down, and with contact with the cup. I then again slightly mist the outside of the saran wrap, to help weigh it down a bit. I have a fan on low, and I germinate my seeds under a 1000w Hortilux HPS. This also keeps them nice and warm. I have the light at 24 inches. Usually in 2-3 days the seeds are breaking the surface, and I remove the saran wrap. I also keep a watch on the medium, and dont let it dry out, and may mist it a couple times a day. But I dont keep it drenched. Just enough so it doesnt dry out.
    After they break the surface, and the saran wrap is off, I spray them again.

    Last time I did this I started 105 seeds, and 103 came up.
  11. Rapid Rooters.jpg
    Why does it have to be so complicated.
    I moisten the rooter, stick the seed in the hole, and put it in a drawer..........simple and foolproof.
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  12. Agreed :rolleyes:
    I soak for 12 hours in a shot glass of tap water and then plant 1/4-1/2” deep into soil.
    Planting them at this depth will help the shell of the seed to get pulled off as it emerges. Helmet head is usually a result of planting too shallow:thumbsup:
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  13. sounds like a winner i am using a 600 watt metal halide though should i leave it on 24/7
  14. thanks for the replies i soaked overnight and now they are on a dinnerplate with moistened paper towels for the weekend then into the dirt tail or not next time i will try mr fosters sandpaper idea
  15. sorry Vees sandpaper idea
  16. No light is needed when seeds are hatching . Only weak lighting needed for the first two weeks after hatch. Like a 10 watt led house hold bulb a few feet above
  17. a big difference right there, scratching the shell allows the water in
    I make many of my own seeds ...every 2 weeks I do this for sequential grows
    the newer the seeds the easier it is
    for that the hardest to germ are always the new bought, of them its always the most expensive are the ones hard to germ, maybe they sit longer in the 'seed swindlers' fridge?
    for this I add a teaspoon of household bleach, to prevent disease
    seem its on track according to trojangrower's Germinating Cannabis using Hydrogen Peroxide but just a pinch only or else

    above all keep in mind they do DROWN

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