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  1. Hello everyone i have been all over for the proper way to germinate seeds and have come out with absolutely nothing so I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
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    If you read the sticky entitled "GERMINATION 420" at the top of the beginners section...

  3. Try the water in a cup method
    Add some water to a cup and drop the seed or seeds in
    And wait :wave:
  4. Your seeds might be cracked or bad.
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    have a quick question. Had about 9 seeds in a cup over night. When I lightly tapped them they slowly dropped to the bottom. Is this alright? I plan on letting them sit another day to see if they grow a root. Let me know if I'm good to go or not

  6. Thats one way to do it. I just put them in a soaked papertowel put in a plastic container then on a heating pad set on low.
  7. I soak them overnight in room temperature tap water(the chlorine in the tap-water helps to kill any bacteria). I then put them in paper towels and mist with room temperature distilled water until its not saturated but nice and damp. I then put them into plastic zip-lock baggies and place them on my cable box or router cause its nice and warm for a day and usually I have some nice taproots formed. After that into peat pellets,rock wool or some good dirt for seedings and thats it. I have never had a problem with germination using this method. Happy growing :)
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    I know the method is right. I am just wondering if it's bad that I touched them causing them to sink or if that is proper technique? They absorbed water but did I possibly rush this process. Should I of let them sink by themselves? It was a day sitting in the water after I tapped them

  9. At that point, take out the ones that drop (wear some gloves to be sterile)
    Place them on a lightly wet paper towel and fold it in half with the seed inside
    Place the paper towel if you can on a plate then on an incline as to encourage the taproot to grow in one direction
    Store in a dark place roots cant stand direct light

    ^And wait :smoke:
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    Yea I can almost see the tap root poppin out.. Am I safe to just plant the seeds as they are? Or would it be a better idea to get that root boomin
  11. Let it come out some more in the wet paper towel then strait into the rockwool for example tip down

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