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  1. could i wet down some paper towel, wrap the seeds in it, throw it in a ziplock bag and throw it outside in the sun for humidity?? (once they sprout i know what to do)

    or perhaps the same idea just not bring the bag outside?? i looked at my seeds today and there is life, just want to keep it there.
  2. No sun. Seeds need to be kept in the dark. Roots don't like the light and that's what will be coming out of the seed first. The lights should be dim anytime you check them and checking should be limited to about once per day. The seeds are already in a very humid environment, being wrapped in a wet paper towel. The only difference the humidity of the area they're in will make is to slow the drying of the towel. I lay a piece of tin foil lightly on top of the paper towel. It helps keep the light out and the moisture in.
  3. Just place that bag in a dark warm place I put mine on top of my water heater in a jar.
  4. awesome thanks guys, hopefully i get a little more life out of these soon.

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