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  1. ok so finally starting to grow, for germination does the water have to be warm and/or left out over night (its tap water) or can i just pull cold water straight from the tap and use that, should i heat it first??
    I bought 3 of these things for €30 so i wnt to do it right!!
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    My seeds are about done with the germination process and I also have three seeds. When I wet the papertowels I let my tap water run for about 10 minutes with luke warm, or room temp water. I didn't want it to be cold and like 'shock' them or something. I am not sure if it would but using room temp water worked for me! :)

    edit: Just make sure its not really warm!
  3. cool, thanks for that. Im about to go to the hardware store now, do i really need a 65k and 27k cfl or can i make d with one? (and which one)
  4. i use warm water at first, but the only way to keep it warm, is to put it on a heating pad, or something that will keep it heated.

    i dont find it needed to do so. I use warm water to begin with, put the tuppaare container in my drawer, and let it sit for three days before checking
  5. If you are using tap water, let the chlorine evaporate out of it for 2 days before.

    Of course, do not give them freezing cold water. Room temperature or warm is best.

    A little tip, it is atually prefered to mist the soil, doing this doesnt disrupt the soil and young root as much as pouring the water would
    Good luck
  6. okay, ones in now, just wait and see.

  7. You can just use the 6500k for now, but you'll want to switch to 2700k when you start flowering.

    One thing I've started doing is manually cracking the seeds after they've soaked for 24 hours. If you take the seed firmly in between your finger and thumb, and just pinch the two ridges where the halves connect, it should split open a little bit. Wet it again, and you should see taproots come out within 24 hours. I know some people may disagree with this method, but I've tried it many times and it works very well. Cuts down a bit on germination time.

    I'd recommend to try it with a few bag seeds first, just so you know how much pressure to apply and where.
  8. Oh i forgot, its an autoflower so thats why i was asking if i really needed two lights?
  9. Yes, you're gonna need more than one CFL if you want to make the yield worth your while.

    General rule of thumb is to have 100 actual watts if you're doing just one plant, and then add 50w for each additional plant if you're doing more. So if you're planning on growing 3, you'll need at least 200 actual watts from CFLs. Actual watts is different than what the bulb is 'equivalent' to. I think for CFLs, a 100w is really 26 or 23 actual watts, so in order to get 100 ACTUAL watts, you'd need 4 of them. If you can find higher wattage CFLs, like 42w, I'd recommend you go with those.

    Make sense?
  10. Cfls can be confusing for a first timer. Forget what the equivalent bulb says.

    Cfls are not as efficient as hps, you're going to need a looot more lights for a loot less product than if you used a hps.

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