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Germinating with Rockwool??? First timer

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Floweroflife, May 12, 2010.

  1. ya years ago when i came across it i tried researching the exact chemical changes and tried to find out why these particular changes create more female to male ratio's..
    from my understanding they both just like slightly different feeding reg and temp,..
    they say lighting has allot to do with it to..
    it's something still new to research with mj..
    after all were alway's finding new thing's with this plant everyday it seem's with trial studies and genetic breeding..
  2. Thank You all for your replies!_!
    I will take all of this in and digest the many valuable angles discussed in this thread. It is great to have community like this, espically living in a new place. Many Blessings

  3. You can use "Sure To Gro" cubes and eliminate the soaking factor and errors in PH.
    Germinate and place in STG when tap root is 1/16-1/8". If you do pop a seed in upside down it will find it's way to start growing downward and time is the only factor to sprouting, If you germ first and place correctly they will sprout faster....
    Better safe than sorry....

  4. I think you have me sold on ordering some sure to grow cubes and after the 1.5 in cubes are rooted through do you just put that in a larger one? As I said this is all new to me obviously but getting my gears in motion here is a bit tough with hydro. I shudder to think of nutes at this time but will see in a few weeks when these seeds go to full on veg. Thanx again
  5. Wow boys chill, you all get so excited! You know how everybody has a different way to get to a math solution?, well same shit for growing pot. We all have our way that works and you need to figure yours out, based on where you are, what kind of water your drawing, and tons of room variances. The temp of your room, your exhaust, humidity, fans etc all make differences. My clones love the fan blowing directly on the domes, found that out by accident. Heating pads under your dome tray? NO WAY! Those little seedlings do not want to be cooked. Regular room temp 21, is perfect for them. The best way for pot seeds is in water by the way. No paper towel that dries out, just plain water. They sink to the bottom and you can easily give them nice water every two days. By nice I mean left out overnight so chemicals can escape and temp is perfect. Your all making sense, except for the lime thing. Twenty-five years of Grodan experience tells me that a simple flush for 30 seconds or a soak in the sink is fine for Grodan. Unless you are drawing from a lake or a well, your water is fine. We aren't in a science experiment here, conditions don't have to be that perfect. I have seen many a grower get so freaked about PH that they up and down to the plants death. I don't touch it. They start out in city water and live their lives in it, and they love it. This is a weed boys, it wants to grow madly, you have to screw it up with chemicals to stop it from it's natural course. Don't fall prey to the chemical growers ideas. It will cost you money time and stress. Buy a good solid food like General Hydroponics, and leave all the fancy additives on the shelf. The more time you spend in your room, making it perfect, cleaning dead leaves etc. the more money you will make. As with everything the more time in the better output.
  6. You guys are fucking FUNNY lol
    This forum is a must read while stoned hahaha. Someone should make like an upside down hanging hydro system. That would look fucking hot. If you assholes steal this idea, you better give me a few mil when you get rich from it!

    Anyways you can grow wicked shit in any method and who gives a shit about tomatoes lol. Grow it how you find best and be happy you have any at all.


    Keep fighting though guys. This shit is funny! Get back to it lol
  7. We germinate and root cuttings in Grow Dan 1-1/2" cubes. Seeds sprout just fine, and we get 100% success on cuttings. We like the KISS method.

  8. I'll piss on your cubes and make a snow angel in your tomatoes!

    Sorry.. Couldn't help it

    I throw mine in whatever is layin around.. Diapers, dog poo, rat hair.. Pretty good germ rate IMO. If that doesn't work, I make sweet love to the dirt and that always get them poppin

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