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  1. Hi im about to start my seeds...but i have a few questions about the germination process. I will let them soak overnight in distilled water, then put them pointed side up about 1/2 inch down in the soil. but do i expose them to light and water during this period? also can i use potting soil or is topsoil a must? thanks for all the answers.

    P.S - I plan on keeping my plants under 24 hour lights indoors for their vegetive growth period. But when should i move them outdoors for theyre budding or flowering stage? someone said the longest day of the year because after that the nights get longer. When is this day?
  2. Let them soak for a couple day until the seed casing splits and the first TENDER roots come out. Carefully plant them in a potting mix. Keep the lights at 18/6 not 24 until at least 6 or 7 fully developed leaf sets appear.
  3. I would put hem in a peice of damp paper towel then in a baggy to keep it from drying out. Then put it on top of the fridge or somewhere it will be about 70 degrees(is this right guy's?) It's probably best to wait until the seed germinates(root showing) before U put it int o soil, don't worry about which end is up the plant will figure that out. Then put them in some potting soil, should have enough nutrients for the first couple of weeks. Do not fertilize until they have at least 5 set's of leaves(is this also correct guy's). And give them lot's o light bud, mine are behind the ball game from the get go because I deprived them of light's and fert right off the start. Any way hoped this helped some good luck to you.....Crocodile.:)
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  4. How long should it take to germnate like 48 hours i never germinated them i just planted them like 6 and only got one to sprout then killed it by over watering it so as you can tell im a retart if you could tell me it would help
  5. Under the right conditions I'd say germination should be noticeable in 2-3day's. Be patient is all. Happy Growing Good Luck. WE LOVE WEED INDEED. Peace Out. Crocodile

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