Germinating Seeds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NooNe, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. whats the easiest way to germinate seeds? put the seeds in a glass of warm water and wait for em to sink? i want to try to grow and could use some help. thanks

  2. HIGH All, yup it's the only way I do it. Put some Texada Timewarp, White Widow Crystal+ and a few others in water last night. Tomorrow some will germ and into the Sunshine Mix#4.

    Here are some.

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  3. HIGH All, yes I too agree BoB_Beard1 it's why I use a straw to pick them up...I'll show you tomorrow when a couple pop.
  4. HIGH All, ok they popped and this is how I transfer the seed to the Sunshine Mix#4.

    No fingers touching the seeds at All. So 2 days after putting them in warm water.

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  5. HIGH All, and going into the Mix.....

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  6. HIGH All, right on each their own right.

    This is just to show everybody that when transferring the seeds to a medium you don't have to touch the seeds.

    Tomorrow some will pop the Mix and the day after All will have broke the Mix and on they're way. Not bad 48 hrs in water and then 48hrs to break ground. Some germ in 24hrs..but I wait till most do and then plant.

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