Germinating Seeds

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    What is the best way ? Heard of putting seeds between two wet paper towels, stick in a glass with distilled water and see who sinks to the bottom, simply put in a pot with seed starter or potting soil. Don't want to mess things up from the get go....
  2. To be honest, you will probably end up trying every way you have heard and then figure out which one you like the best.
  3. i prefer the paper towel method but any of the 3 will work. if you use the paper towel make sure you plant the seeds once the root gets about 1/4" or less. you dont want it to get stuck to the paper towel.

    the only drawback to planting directly into soil is: you may be waiting a week or more for a seed to sprout only to find its a dud. so i would at least put them into a cup of warm water to see if they are good or not.
  4. i agree paper towel method, put them in a sandwich bag and then into a small box and hey presto a few days later they pop out

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