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  1. Ok guys I'm completely new to this but I acquired a few seeds from a friend and tried to germinate them. I tried a few methods including the paper towel method, direct placement in soil and the water cup method but to no avail. After soaking the seeds in water for about 2 days and still no sight of a taproot i planted them in soil and am still waiting aha. Finally though a seed germinated (in the paper towel) but when I got home from school the paper towel had dried out completely. Does this mean the seed is ruined? I planted anyway but do you think I have any hope?

    Thanks a lot guys any info would be appreciated

  2. Please guys any help would be great
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    Good seeds will germinate no problem here is how i do it
    paper towel
    ziplock bag
    bottled water
    fold the towel into a square then saturate with water  put seeds on it thn fold over again and press down gently. and then put that into the ziplock bag and poke a few holes in the bag i think its good for it to breathe then place that on a plate with a bowl over it then put it in complete darkness. some seeds germinate in 1 day longest it has taken me is 5 days.
    also cleanliness is extremely important i've had seeds rot when i used unwashed hands etc. also don't check it every hour wait atleast 2 days before you check it. if your seeds still don't germ then it is the seeds.
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    that seed that you said germed but then the towel dried out did it still have a fresh looking root when you planted it? if it did it'll sprout unless you planted it too deep. But if the whit root rotted it won't sprout
    Also you are just wasting your time if your parents aren't cool with it and if you live in the city just give up.
  5. Thanks a lot guys

    The root still looked pretty fresh so hopefully it will work:) my parents don't know about it so yeah pretty stupid but once (if)
    they grow I'm going to move them out of the house cause my parents would freak out. And nah I live in regional Western Australia so she'll be right

    Thanks again!
  6. Thanks orangegrovekush for your help. The seedling survived and has its first two sets of leaves opening!
  7. I have just been soaking them in water for 2 or 3 days. Usually a taproot appears and then I plant. Recently, I water a pot of soil really good and stuck a seed inside. It popped up in a few days!
  8. Germinating Marijuana Seeds in 3 Days
    Items Required:
    1: Marijuana Seeds
    2: Paper Towels
    3: Saucer Plates (2 per Seed)
    4: Dark Towels
    5: Tweezers
    6: Water (Spray Bottle with Distilled Water)
    7: Dark Place for Seeds to Germinate
    8: Red Solo Cups (After Taproots Are Long Enough)
    Step 1: Place one of the Saucer Plates in the middle of a Dark Towel. Make sure there is enough room to fold the Dark Towel around the plate when finished.
    Step 2: Fold a Paper Towel in half and place it on the Saucer Plate. Using Tweezers, place the Marijuana Seed onto the Paper Towel and fold it over so the seed is covered. Dampen the entire Paper Towel with Distilled Water and place the second Saucer Plate on top, creating a dome over your seeds.
    Step 3: Fold the Dark Towel over both Saucer Plates and place in a Dark Place, i.e. Dresser Drawer. Check your seeds every 12 hours to see if any of your seeds have started to crack. Once you see the taproot begin to develop and is long enough, Plant your seeds into Red Solo Cups. Make sure your Red Solo Cups have holes at the bottom for water drainage.
  9. Did you put a light under it?

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