Germinating seeds problem ...

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  1. hey guys,

    i had only one seed i chose the water cup method to germinate it , after two days the root was out ( just a tiny bit of the root ) , then i moisturized a paper towel and put the seed in then i took the paper towel and put it between two plates and left it in a dark place , its been 6 days but the seed havnt changed.

    what can i do now ?
    can i still plant the seed ?

    thanks for your answers =)
  2. Go to the growing subforum
  3. you actually used two different methods of germating. i prefer the paper towles and distilled water.once the sprout opens it should go in the dirt. as it takes root the inside will continue to grow until it has popped the shell off. i would say get that girl in the dirt :D
  4. Plant it, it should have been planted as soon as it had cracked open and you could see the root imo.

    I just use a glass of water :smoke:
  5. Shot glass of water and peat pellets. Been working for me with no issues.

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