Germinating my seeds

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  1. I have my seeds under my bed using the papertowel method in a tubber ware container.

    I have it wrapped in a heatign blanket on about 4. should be about 75 degrees.

    I came home and it was rather warmer(I forgot to change the temp) and it was about 90 degrees, could this hurt my seeds. I had it that temp for probably about 7 hours
  2. youll find one one way or the other hahhahahah
  3. hahaha like he said, just give it time, and see what it does.
    It probably wont do any harm, but why insulate it? just keep it at room temprature!:wave:
  4. I keep them in the basement, with the concrete floor at 60 degrees i was keeping it a lil warmer for like faster germination.

    Im tryin to get my plants up and going asap because im starting a little late
  5. there is no such thing as late with indoors
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    exactly lol. indoors, this is my first time growing. Im just keeping them inside till the tap root shows then im moving them into plantt. I read alot about how outdoor growing is better for the plant and has better yields plus sun over all artaficial lighting.
  7. ^^^ those are true facts, the most forgotten part of them is nature can be a fucking bitch outside, inside you can kinda play god with climate and a point heheheh
  8. Outside you cant control your climate like you can inside but these summer months are always good.

    Theres many ways to keep yer plants safe from the sun, bugs, and its safer in my opinion from the law. Ive surveyed it for weeks before i started setting up so i think im clear knock on wood.

    I was just gettin a opinion on my seeds, only time will tell now :(
  9. haha yea i forget most places has a more steady weather rate that colorado.....i wouldnt be surprised if we get hit by another blizzard one more time before it decides it wants to actually be spring here hahahaha.
  10. why not just plant it in soil takes anywheres from 3- 7 days to sprout average 4 days to come out. spray top soil with phed water every day until out
  11. ^^^ i have one in my closet atm...well 3 actually 2 just got put into soil this morning, but the other popped out in like 4 days.... and since im not really planning on that one being was more of the ginnea pig...spell fail... but its first leaves just started developing and its 13 now lol....didnt have enough light close enough to it cause i have nothing set up yet hahahahahha

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