Germinating in a Banana peel

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  1. I was talkin to one of my buddies. he was saying the next time i germinate, i should germinate in a banana peel the estrogen in the peel will help promote a female plant.
  2. seeds are genetically predetermined to be either male or female

  3. The MM and the FF ones are. The MF and the FM ones aren't. They germ more F with enriched Nitrogen soil/substrate and they germ more M with a pottasium rich soil/substrate. Probably not more than a few %'s anyway. I always giggle about what nutrients a papertowel might have when someone cracks their beans in a wet one...:eek:
  4. huh - and here all these years I though MJ was an XX / XY plant
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    They come in four types, the MF and the FM are the ones that can hermie, the MM and the FF do not. The FF are called true female and the MM are called true males... the banana carrying female looking ones are trannies... and the males with pretty buds, growing thru the grapevine of balls, are the crossdressers :rolleyes:

    But really. 4 genetic variables, or combinations of the M and the F.
  6. wow i know this is an old post but im bringing it back to life. if you have any prior biology information this is easy. if a male, MM and a female, FF have seeds they will all be MF. These can hermie and have the potiental of being males or females. IF a male MF and a female MF have seeds they will be MM, MF, or FF. In theory, using a banana peel will convert all of the MF seeds to be females. Hope i helped people who are now reading this.
  7. No, breeding MM and FF plants will produce more than just MF offspring.

    Mendelian inheritance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  8. No, it doesn't work that way, you still get all the MM FF MF and FM from your MF and FM, but the environment does play a role in what sex they show at birth. Banana skins don't do much except get really fuzzy tho, i've tried it. They are high nutrient k tho. I use earth with some N in it for new seeds, in hopes of getting Female looking plants... mostly i just clone the three mom's i have and experiment with new beans and crosses as i have room. My clonies are quite Female and grow out true.

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