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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by senta420, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I'm 100% new to growing, I grew last summer but the damn deer ate my plant. This spring, i am much more prepared.

    If I germinate my seeds and they start to sprout, would it be better to put them in a red party cup or styrofoam cup, poke holes In the bottom for draining and let them grow a little bit to be about a few inches tall, then plant them in soil. I'm planning on using either those jelly ball things that hold water moisture if I use the cup idea, or just some soil with maybe some rocks in the bottom?
  2. Red solo cups, poke holes in the bottom. Never heard of the jelly balls but do you really need them?
  3. Well, I looked them up and it seems a lot of people are just calling them gel beads. I know my parents use them for house plants and they work. It's less of a mess than dirt is and I figured it'd be a lot more easier on the babies then soil would be?
  4. I'd just go soil.
  5. Alright ill go with that. Now, would you start germinating them late may, early April and plant them in the ground around the middle of the month? I live In Pennsylvania
  6. I'm not the person to ask for that. I do indoor. If you are ordering seeds you can plant autos whenever during the summer months
  7. Do you happen to know what the chances are I will get a female seed out of my stash? From what I see, it's about 1/4. I want to grow dank but I can't get seeds outta my stash because my shit never has seeds and I can't order seeds to my house because of parents. I would grow Regie as a last resort but I'd rather not.
  8. Just saying. The seeds I ordered with a tshirt came in a plastic wrap. They put it inside my mail box an I could easily tell it was a shirt.

    I grew 2 from bagseed an they were both male.

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