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  1. Right... so i have had my seeds in a moist paper towl in my airing cupboard for a couple of days... and i started to see the white stem trying to shoot out of it.

    I moved the seed into my bedroom where i plan to grow them under a 400w HID grow light. I placed the seed about a centre metre under the soil.

    I just read this !

    Young seedlings - The young plants are still very delicate. Therefore you should not place them in direct sunlight or just below a 400 Watt lamp. This might cause burning. Provide young plants with nutrient water and add Boost to strengthen the root system.

    Should i turn the light off completely & leave the germinated seed in darkness under the damp soil ???

    Please help!

    Thanks Luke.
  2. I'd leave the light on 24/7 but make sure it is distanced far enough from the plant that the seedling isn't burnt by the HID when it sprouts. I don't know specific distances, but I'm sure someone else on the forum here has more experience with HIDs than me (since I have zero)
  3. ^That's basically good advice. And you heard right about lighting in the first place, at least about what not to do, but that has left you guessing as to what to do.

    Plants need light. Young MJ sprouts cannot take a 400w HID full intensity, so start with the light about 3 feet (1 meter) away and lower a couple of inches every other day until they are at the right height about 10 days to 2 weeks later. The right height is as close as you can get the light and still be able to hold the back of your hand under it at plant-top level for 30 seconds without it being uncomfortable.

    I would not feed young sprouts, wait until about the 2 week mark.

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