germinated seeds wont sprout

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  1. ive succesfully started plants with my old metal halide light.
    but now i have cfl's set up and the germinated seeds wont sprout up.

    ive been reading and will try putting saran wrap over the pots to keep better humidity.

    my question is shud i try and make the saran wrap airtight around the pot...or kinda just cover it with the sides exposed to let air in.
    im a little confused on that subject, and am getting a little frustrated because ive never had problems getting a plant started and now im on my 3rd set of seeds which are germinating now.
    ive waited 3 days from when i planted my seeds and the little white root thing hasnt grown at all...

    just so ya know my growbox is extremely dry...but my temps are good

    someone please help cuz i got perpetual plans in my future and now i cant even get a plant started...pathetic
  2. bump: plz help
  3. Don't wrap anything over the container, you don't need that much humidity, that's nonsense. A cfl over the container is fine to get the seed to pop out of the soil. I don't even put any light source over the container until the seed sprouts.

    How deep did you plant the seed? 1/4 - 1/2" is deep enough. If you plant it too deep, the seed can rot before it gets a chance to sprout. Sometimes a seed just doesn't make it for whatever reason, it happens from time to time. Also, make sure your soil doesn't have any fungus gnat larvae. These little fuckers are tiny but they will eat up the tap root and disable the seed before it gets a chance to pop out of the soil.
  4. using ffof soil....bought the day before i popped the seeds in there so i dont think bugs got to it.
    and i aint putting em deep in the soil at all.....half inch tops.
    and i got about 100 bag seeds....havent found many ones that have the black designs that most seeds do have you know what i mean? those weird lines.
    there mostly solid dark green
    maybe the seeds idk. just frustrating not bein able to get it up hahahaha i feel like an old man.
    guess ill keep on tryin
  5. Is your soil moist ....not drenched or dry? What temp is the soil? Too cold they wont grow
  6. yea idk bout the soil temp....dont have a thermometer for that....but im planting new seeds in a few minutes and im gonna leave the soil under my lights for 20 minutes before i put the seeds somewhere that this helps.
    and not drenched at all....i water the soil before putting the seeds in til the container is just dripping from the bottom of the somewhere that you want 30 percent runoff but idk how to determine that. so once my pots start leakin a decent amount i put em in the tub and let them finish draining
  7. Make sure you bury the seeds only 1/4" - 1/2" in the ground. Room light will be enough, no need to put a bulb right over the container. As long as your room temp. is 65 - 75, it should sprout no problem.

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