Germinated seeds planted 11/13 and no sprout yet? for real?

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  1. Ok im def hoping someone reads this and can help me out. I have been interested in growing for years now and I finally decided to just try it.
    A friend of mine gave me 4 seeds and I germinated them by taking a paper towel and wetting it and putting the seeds inside and folding paper towel in half and put it in a ziplock baggie, I then stuck the zip lock in a drawer which is bitch black. The seeds were at about 80-90 degrees and humidity inside bag was nearly 80%; all four seeds sprouted.
    This past sunday I planted each seed in a 16oz solo cup. For soil I used miracle grow seed starter miracle grow organic mix as well as perlite.
    The cups are in a rubbermaid bin that is completely lined with foil. Inside with the cups is one small fan pushing up and out as well as another fan above the bin pushing air down into the bin. I currently have 6- 100 watt CFLs 5 inches above soil running on a18/6 schedule. Inside the bin it has been 78-82 degrees with lights on and fans running; as well as 70-72 for dark hours with fans on. I also have a heating pad on low running 18-20 a day.
    I have the bin sitting in a window cut out in home that the area is 2x3 with a 10' ceiling and a window. I completely blacked out the window with several layers of black garbage bags. I put a trash black underneath it for the time being since its in a room with carpet. And since it is in my bedroom I put a black curtain up that covers from ceiling to floor.

    It has now been 7 days and I really don't see any change. I took the plastic off the top of the cups last night. One of the cups I can see the sprout but not sure if i should keep waiting or give up. Id love some feedback or any suggestions
  2. miracle grow = slow growth

    Go with FFOF or something better then miracle grow.
  3. well miracle grow = crappy grows imo

    for sure get something else - I use General Organics and if you are growing something small you can get whats called the "GO Box" its pretty cheep like $45 or less if you get it from GH you can maybe get it for free just pay for shipping like $20 or so and should be enough for 1 small plant all the way to the end of flowering
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    Therein May Lie My problem as well, I have grown before and even got my last couple to sprout in miracle grow. However I am growing some ww seeds, and it took my third try to get it to sprout. The first one I used the Paper towel method it Sprouted and I put it in miracle grow, it never came up. The Second one I let sit in water in the dark, and in twelve hours I put it in miracle grow it also never sprouted. The third I let sit in water in the dark, for almost 24 hours It was split and the root was barely poking out, I put it in Fox Farms Ocean Forest and voile' It is growing. I can tell you the third method worked for me before as well, although a friend had told me not to do that to use paper towel. However after this I am going to stick with FF soils, and water will be how I germinate, @ 24 hours unless it splits sooner. The rest of growing seems far easier if a guy can get his germination down.
  5. not all germ'd seed sprout..poor seedling growing conditions..FFOC all the farm ocean forrest...cant go wrong..some say some soils /mediums are better...but no one will say ffoc is bad!!
  6. I will. Don't want to start a fight though. Just my opinion. They don't sterilize before packaging, and shipping.
  7. Sterilization kills nutrients in the soil, I noticed it says right on the packaging. I don't know everyone has to find their own mix that works. Alot of people use FFOF with great success. But everyone has their right, to like whatever works for them. growwise I have had some success with MG but better results with FFOF.
  8. And the nutrients are probably what killed your sprout.
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    And you obviously don't read posts before replying, My sprout did fine in the fox farms, died in the miracle grow. However I can only vouch for what works for me, I am as entitled to my opinion as you are. I have friends who grow, and they do not use Fox Farms. They make their own with great results as well. As far as the couple that did not sprout I blame myself, I have only grown a few times now, and am still looking for the best method for me. The germination is the only thing I have not got 100% good at, the rest of the growing has been easier for me. If you don't like it cool, you said that already. But I think it funny for not wanting to fight or argue the point you sure like to jump on everyone else's positive view of it. But instead of coming out attacking how about sharing what works for you? We are all here to learn from each other
  10. I use MG organic soil and I think it works great. Never had any problems germing or growing. I have seen a few fungus gnats but thats about it

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