Germinated Seeds, now what?

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  1. yo fellas i been successful in germinating my seeds in paper towels, and I am not in the mood for growing anywhere indoors, so out go my little children into the wild........ i have ideas on where to plant, but how do I know if the soil is up to my how you say, needs?

    What does it need to have and how deep should i bury a germinated seed and which way should i place it?

    thanks fellas

    oh yea p.s. will it smell if i put my plant in a plastic trash bag and hang it in a closet, would you be ble to smell it form like two feet away, while its drying?
  2. bury the germinated seeds so that the shell of the seed is just barely visible from the surface, if not a little buried, make sure the root tip is facing down as well. Good Luck!

    - Vince
  3. Start In Cups!!!!! More Control Over Enviroment
  4. answer my other questions......?

  5. a drying fully mature weed plant would probably stink up your entire house if you just put it in a trash bag.

    build a drying box with a tupperware box.

    cut a hole in the bottom of the box and put a small fan in there. stack some blocks under the tupperware box so it's about 6 inches off the ground, so the fan can suck air into the box. next stack some more blocks inside the box and put a screen(window screen will do) about 8-12 inches above the fan. check on them every 12 hours. should be dry in 24 if they are small buds, and 48-72 if they are large.
  6. I put mine into 5 litre mineral water bottles initially, with just a little manure or compost added.
    When they are about a foot tall, after about 4 weeks, and they show their sex, the females go into BIG buckets with plenty of fert added to the growing mix. Then they go into turbo grow.
    The males go to help make next years compost.
  7. what i did was put them into thees little jiffy-7 pots hears a pic. they work great


  8. i would either go with what up in smoke says or if you cant find that use soil in cups with holes
  9. I would recommend a bit bigger than cups - I use 5 litre containers until the plants show sex.
  10. guys this is outdoor growing! again start in cups till roots become somewhat sturdy then transplant (about 6")
  11. I grow outdoors - in containers on my roof terrace. Not all outdoor growing is guerrilla growing.

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