Germinated Seeds Not Sprouting In Soil

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  1. Hi all, it's been 6 days since I put my seeds in soil and they haven't sprouted yet. This is making me really anxious because it's my first grow and it may be over before it started.

    I germinated 2 seeds on wet paper towels until the taproots were about 1/4" long, then planted them root down, 1/4" deep. They're in 1-pint pots filled with Sanctuary Soil Empire Builder. I put them 6 inches below 2 26W CFL's running 24/0, and I misted them every day so the soil stays moist but not soaking wet.

    I think I used the wrong kind of soil because it has an NPK of 0-0.07-0.52. I heard that seedlings need high nitrogen in the medium. The fact that both seeds of 2 different strains are not sprouting makes me think something is wrong with the medium/environment.

    What do you think I should do now to possibly save the seeds?

    1. Leave them alone and wait it out. I don't like this since this just gets more and more hopeless every day.
    2. Water with a nitrogen-containing nutrient. I have the General Organics Go Box and a 5-1-1 Alaska fish fertilizer.
    3. Dig the possibly weak seeds out and transplant into some Rapid Rooters I got today.
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  3. OK just an update, both of my seeds are dead and I think either bugs chewed them up or it's some kind of rot.  :cry: 

    I used tweezers to very carefully move aside the top layer of soil to expose the seed. But just moving dirt to the side caused the seed to shift. It turns out the seed had become detached from the top of the root. At first I was freaking out thinking I'd accidentally popped off the head of the seed, but after seeing the same thing with the other seed (it just "fell off" the top of the root), something must have been very wrong with the soil environment.

    I opened up the seed coats and saw no cotyledons. Under the loupe it looked mushy and moldy. I also noticed some tiny white bugs moving around in the soil near where the seeds were. On the inside of the seed coat there was a patch of small, white, sesame seed-shaped specks that I think might have been egg cases. Does anyone know what the problem was?
  4. Damn... I just had a similar situation :(. Start with more seeds! Just keep trying till you get it right
  5. Most of the time when seeds don't make it you can bet it was one of a few things. Poor medium, improper moisture or bad temps most often. Crappy genetics or poorly developed seeds can do it as well.

    Seedlings do not need high nitrogen to sprout, its exactly the opposite. Too much nitrogen right away is bad. Seeds will sprout in an inert medium, they need zero nutrients to sprout.
  6. Next time use seed starting soil and a baggie over pots/dixie cups to keep humidity in.
  7. Sounds like you overwatered them and made them rot.

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