germinated seeds in promix,now light?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kodeine, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. i germinated seeds using the paper towel method, i put the ones that germinated into promix and now my rooms like 74 that too cold and if so can i turn on my 500 watt for heat?
    and how do i water if the soil dries out if it hasnt sprouted yet 

  2. 74 I fine I wouldn't go below 70 and you should've watered the soil before planting the seed. You can try water it now just go very slow and be gentle as to not fuck up the taproot
  3. yes, they don't need light and prefer darkness, but a light about 10 inches above the soil provides an excellent source of constant heat. Water very gently or spray. Fill all the drain containers full of water and try to keep the room as humid as possible. Avoid opening the door and protect from any drafts.
  4. I usually water seedings with an eyedropper and then when they get a little bigger a turkey baster.

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  5. I blast my seeds with light as soon as they go in the dirt.  I want them getting light instantly upon breaking ground.
    Eye dropper or turkey baster sounds great for watering seedlings.  damn I gotta try that.
  6. i would keep your room/box between 80-90 degrees man. heat and humidity are seedlings best friends. i don't agree with the comment saying they like darkness. when a seedling sprouts a taproot its been born, its become alive and beginning to live meaning it doesn't need sleep. its trying to wake up so ya heat and humidity :) good luck
  7. OK temps at the end of like 14 hrs light it gets up to like 86 ..had me a little worried

    And it kinda looks like one of my seedlings with deformed leaves is getting white or outsides are getting a light green..normal for autoflowers?

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