germinated seeds failed to sprout

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  1. i have 2 super skunk ad 2 albert walker seeds that germinated out of 6 then i planted them about 1/4 in. deep in happy frog soil. its been about 11 days with 0 sprouting. is it a lost cause? should i take them out and start with clones any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Doesn't Fox Farm Happy Frog already contain a sufficient amount of nutrients? You didn't really give enough information so here is what could of happened. You either...

    -Let the soil dry out too much the first few days
    -Over-watered the first few days
    -Or the seedling burned because of the hot (nutrient rich) soil

    After 11 days you can be pretty certain something went wrong. Usually takes 1-2 days to germ and 1-5 days to sprout.
  3. Like a retard with a bunny rabbit you couldn't leave well enough alone and killed the shit. Dig one up and bet you the tap root is rotted. Probably shocked them when you moved them into the pots. I don't believe in pre germing seeds. Give them a 10 hour soak in some water then put them in the pots before a tap root shoots out and leave them alone. Been growing flowers of all kinds for years and have never once pre germed. Less shock and if they don't sprout you can always put another seed in the pot.
  4. Germinating helps give me a 100% of my seeds to sprout. I'm sure your method works great however you probably lose a few seeds.

    I also respectfully disagree with the fact that it will shock the seed when you put it in the soil already germinated. This is what I have always done. Two different techniques, but in general the same results.

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