Germinated, just planted. input plz!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by foxbatman, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. hey guys its my first grow i've been doing alot of reading over the past few months and i dont know everything yet but i've got a good idea of what im doing + im not an idiot. so im gonna go ahead and post a progress report for the first week of my plants and i'd really appreciate advice and input!

    seeds just germinated, so i filled my 3 inch tall pete pots with miracle grow time release potting soil.

    i wet my pete pellets and soil, placed a seed in the pellet and placed it upside down against the soil. i grew about half with and half without the pellets just to see what works better for the post germination stage.

    im going to leave them sit overnight and hope to see something tommorow afternoon. the moment i see something coming up from the soil i'll start my 18/4 light cycle with metal halide bulbs. when they get ready for transplant i will be putting them into the hydroponics system im building in my closet.

    heres the rouch schematic for my system.

  2. Don't use Miracle Gro time-release soil, you can't control those mixed in ferts and the time release coating can break down and flood your roots with too much nutes.

    I think your diagram indicates you are lining your area with foil, don't use that. Foil reflects too much heat, either use mylar or paint the walls flat bright white.

    Careful not to get that strong light too close to your new babies right away, let them get used to it.

    Good luck.
  3. As soon as those suckers pop through the soil I would get them out of that garbage soil. If you need a link that proves why, just let me know.

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