germinated but no sprouting

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  1. hey guys well i got some seeds, white skunk, and i got some germinated the tips were showing so i put them in the soil i had prepared. but its been about four days and nothing has poped out the ground i put them about half an inch down. can anyone give me some advice, should i let the seeds germinate more? anything
  2. how far were the sprouts sticking out of the seeds before u planted them?
  3. no more than a quarter inch, i read it in a thread someone had in their sig, ill see if i can find it and maybe you guys can tell me if its accurate or not

    EDIT: ok heres the link to the thread

    on number 3 it says to plant in soil "as soon as a seed cracks open", thats what i went with is that wrong?
  4. hmm, personally I like to let the sprout grow a bit maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch then plant it in the soil. But either way your seed should grow. Make sure its getting the right amount of light, water, and heat. And that the seed should be planted around 1/2 inch under the surface.
  5. thanks for your help im gnna start my grow journal as soon as they sprout
  6. same thing going on here. the ones i recently planted are taking a while to sprout anymore i do after this i'm going to let germinate in the paper towell longer so they sprout quicker when planted. i also ordered 50 rockwool cubes to help them root more easily :]
  7. anytime.

    good luck to both ur grows.

    im starting one soon myself.
  8. try putting them under a light and see if they sprout. I've always put mine under a light even if they haven't sprouted yet just because i think they can feel the heat from the light and grow towards that.
  9. i have alot of light on them i think it was the combo of not enough actual root root tip coming out and the lights drying the soil to where it doesnt help the growth
  10. yeah that's what's going on with me too. its hard to keep the soil moist, not wet or dry. that's why when the good seeds i ordered come i'm gonna let the tap root get longer in the paper towells and then use the rockwool cubes. the stuff i'm waiting to sprout right now is just bagseed. seriously a 100 of them cracked open and showed their root though. maybe it's just gonna take a week or two. i planted them right when they cracked open. i dunno what's going on with them. the good plant i have growing right now had sprouted and showed its first true leaves all within one night! now these bitches are taking daaaayyys and daysss. hahaha sorry for rambling i'm pretty tipsy
  11. put a plastic baggie over the pot/cup/whatever (secured with a rubberband) to keep the moisture in! That will definatly help you out if you haven't been doing that!
  12. my buddy did that shit for his most recent grow, but the 400W mh seemed to "bake" the soil, making it feel like concrete. we felt the seedling would never be able to sprout through such a solid layer of soil, and we were right. we moved the pots out from the light and set them on top of a bureau and they sprouted a few days later. and yes DEFINATELY put a layer of plastic wrap or something over the pot to keep it going. thats something we didnt try under my buddys 400W that could have made the difference.

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