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  1. i did the cup of water technique and they were sitting there a little over a day, and when i push down on the ones that float they sink, does that mean that they are bad or they are still good?
  2. It may be that they are trying to open
    They had a crack in the seed and was no good.
    Youll just have to sit tite a day or two,it takes from 2-5 days
  3. what im going to do is put them all in the bag with paper towl, since i dont know what is good or not, and i will wait and see what will happen
  4. cup of water works for me, wait maybe 2-3 days, keep them in a kinda warm dark place, and they germinate.........Peace out.......Sid
  5. I did an experiment last night with about 25 bag seeds I have.

    I put 15 in a cup of distilled water. This morning when I woke up (about 14 hours after placing them in the water), I touched a group of about 8 and they all sank. Then I touched the others and they all sank also. These seeds are in really good shape too. No cracks or anything.

    What now, do I wait until they float to the top and pop their taproots or put them in a paper towel now?

    At the same time I took the other 10 seeds and put them in wet paper towels on a plate. I will check on them tonight. I don't expect anything from them yet of course.

    The cup of seeds and the plate of seeds are both in a Germination Station. In a tray, with a clear plastic humidity hood, and seedling heat mat. They are in my closet in the dark.

    I don't plan on planting these seeds. I just wanted to see which method germinates faster and which has a better % germ rate. Besides, they came out of some pretty shitty schwag. I musta pulled 50 seeds out of an ounce.
  6. I did the exact samething as you, and i have the same quetion, if they sink would they float back to the top and that means its ready??
  7. I'm not sure yet. I checked the cup and all but 1 dropped. Out of the 14 that dropped, 1 has sprouted. But none have floated up yet. The sprouted one is still on the bottom of the cup.

    In the paper towel, 2 sprouted in about 18 hours.
  8. i put like 3 bad seeds and 2 good ones (by color) and put them all in some warm tap water, (are you not supposed to use tap water) i did this around 2 hours ago i thought that after they sink if they do im gonna do the wet paper towel thing until they sprout, is this wrong?
  9. i've had them sink before, and then come back to the top, and pop their taproot.......Peace out.......Sid

    give them a bit more time......
  10. I have some surprising results from my experiment.

    The seeds I put in the cup of water all dropped in less then 24 hours. After about 36 hours I put them into a paper towel on a plate in the germination station. One has popped and a few have cracked. So, good results so far. Remember, they've only been in there for 48 hours now. Theres15 seeds total using this method.

    Now, a couple hours after I started the cup of water method, I started another 12 seeds using solely the paper towel method. I wet the paper towels and put them on a plate with 12 seeds and placed the plate in the germination station. Heres the cool part....

    Less then 36 hours from dry seed, 9 out of 12 have sprouted tap roots and all at least 1/4 inch long!!!!

    What I find kind of wierd is that the paper towels used were soaked in regular tap water. Whereas the water I used on the other seeds in the cup and on the paper towel is Distilled. Maybe theres something in the tap water around here? lol

    Anyway, I plan on finding out. When I get home from work today, I am going to germinate another 10 seeds using the paper towel method, only with Distilled water this time. The seeds are coming from the same plant I got the others from so there won't be any difference in genetics.

    But regardless of the results, I am going to stick with the paper towel method from now on. Personally, I think its the heat from the heat pad in the germination station that promoted such fast germination. We'll see when I get home tonight. If most of the seeds that I placed in the cup of water, that are now in a peper towel have sprouoted, then we know that its most likely the temperature.
  11. my seeds jus cracked open at no mor then 5 hours of paper towel method after 27 hours of soaking

    dry seed to 1/8" taproot in 32 hours, method worked great this may be the first time in my life studying has ever worked for me

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