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  1. Im haveing trouble getting my seeds to germanate...i got some advice to soak them in warm watter for 30 minuts...then put them in a wet paper towel and that they seeds would crack open in about 2 days....well its been 4 and they haven't cracked...should i wait longer...are the seeds bad.....did i do something wrong?? this is my first time, and i need advice!!!!
  2. Hey there...

    I'm still pretty new to this as well, but I've been practicing with the germinating parts for quite some time now. I know most people will recommend using the paper towel method, but I suggest investing $2 and going to a home improvement store ( I go to Menards) or some place selling plant related items and get a package of peat "discs". You get 20 of them for two dollars. You spread as many as you want on a plate and then put water on them. Within 5-10 minutes thy swell up into the size of large marshmallows. Each one has a little hole in the top where you put 1-2 seeds (directions are on the package). Then just put these in a warm place (I don't know if putting them under a light will make them germinate faster, but I suggeswt it. And all you need do from there on out is just make sure the little "marshmallows" don't dry out.

    I recommend doing it this way for a few reasons: 1. starting them in a paper towel ( especially if you're new to the whole thing) can sometimes be a problem where overwatering comes into play. It's easy to "drown" the seeds in the towels if you don't really know what you're doing. Your climate and household environment will affect the watering/dampening schedule slightly as well. The "marhmallows" are easy to see all way around, easy to tell if they need water, and it provides your little germinated plant with an easy to carry/transplant bottom.
    2. When it comes time to take your sprouts from the towel, it can be easy to harm the delicate new roots. With the "marshmallows" you never touch the root and so you have very little chance of killing the sprout this way.
    3. When you are able to put your little plant into an actual pot/container. you can, as I mentioned before, just bury the whole peat "marshmallow" into your soil medium. No fuss no muss. It (the peat) will also eventually break down and will provide food for the plant and add a slight bit of stability as well.

    Hope this helps.
  3. the best way i have found is to go to hardware store allmost all hw stores have plant stuff get some seed starter and a planter with 50 holes or so for your plants make sure it has a clear lid to create a green house effect put a seed in each hole find a mister bottle put just h20 in it put it under your light misting twice a day or as needed not to wet now just moist! with in three days you will have little happy plants leave the plants in them for 1 weeks then you plant them 1/2'' from the bottom of the lowist leaves

    good luck and good for green!!!!!!!!!
  4. sup yall?

    well ive been using one of the most simple methods and it works fine for me. i soak my seeds in filtered water for up to 24 hours put them straight into soil or watever ur growin in and let them go keep the soil moist and they should sprout in about a week. ive never tried the rockwool methods so i dont know which is better but i find this easy as so just a suggestion anyawy.

    catcha's round
  5. It finaly happend!!
    four plant! four plants!
    im so happy i could dance!
    moved the chair and there they were,
    4 plants for me to grow and cure,
    how happy now that i can see,
    4 little plants, just for me!!!
    Hey thanks everyone for giving me the end it wasn't as hard as i thought it was!!! i can't give pictures..but i'll definitly keep you posted!!!! YES!!!!

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