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german engineering appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by docleary, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. '87 325iS sold this evening. she'll be a race car in massachusetts. traded for a walther ppk/s (more sexy german engineering) in stainless and some cash on top. pick up the gun from my ffl guy tomorrow or saturday. car will be picked up once i have a tracking number for the pistol.

  2. 007's weapon of choice. You'll have to tell us how hard that bitch kicks.
  3. i've fired them before, they're tame. its a very heavy gun for the size, and a shortened 9mm (9x17 vs 9x19). they're around 22,23oz. my ruger lcp .380 is 9oz. that little thing has some recoil, and a small grip makes it harder to hold onto. i just decided it was time to have one of my "grail" guns. plus a da/sa trigger and fixed barrel in a .380 will make for an accurate shooter.
  4. I'm not a big guns guy but I'm about to be purchasing a 9mm Beretta PX4 Storm for concealed carry for when I move back to the city.

    But yeah, at 23oz you shouldn't have too much kick at all.
  5. those are also very nice guns. going for compact or sub compact? they manage recoil very well.
  6. i'm thankful i live in maine where we have constitutional concealed carry, but i'm thinking about getting a utah concealed carry permit due to the high number of other states that have reciprocity with utah. there are a number of instructors here in maine that can issue utah permits, and its fairly inexpensive. i find myself out of state enough to worry about it when i'm carrying. most times i just make sure to separate mags from firearm and lock up one of the two in the glovebox.
  7. Haha, I couldn't stand the feel of the compact or sub, I'm going full frame and chest holster. They're hefty, but damn do they feel great. I'm moving to a not so great city in the next couple months and this will probably be more for home defense. I generally carry a telescopic rod when I travel though.
  8. yeah i lived in the 7th ward and broadmoor neighborhoods of new orleans. got robbed a few times.

    if its a rough city, you'll want to carry at all times.
  9. Yeah I lived in this city for a while in college. Always carried a butterfly knife for protection when I left the apartment.

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  10. i wish i had the money to get into the older 911's. my neighbor owns one of the most underappreciated of the lot, a late '60s 912. for those ignorant to the model, its a 911 body with a flat four cylinder engine that was created by the suits at porsche who were afraid the expensive flat six 911 model would cost the company sales.

    i'd love to find a 912 in rough but driveable condition to slowly restore and learn to drive the chassis well.


  11. Had to re-post a pic of my Benz I had when I posted in 2011 lol
  12. i got a letter yesterday from the n. carolina department of transportation saying my '84 318i was sitting in an impound lot due to the driver being pulled over for having invalid plates attached. because none of the people who owned it after i sold it have registered it, in the governments' eyes its still my car. i've been trying to track down the current owner to see if he intends to get it back or if he plans on writing it off, if so, i'm going to pay to get it out and take possession once more. the fucked up thing is that because its still "my" car according to the government, they can come after me for the fees from the impound yard.

    fingers crossed though, if i can find the owner by the time the lot opens again on tuesday, i can free it for $895.

    i've always regretted letting that car go. for this to happen on my birthday, perhaps its a sign.
  13. That blows. Especially on your birthday.
    In my country, when you sell a car (private) both parties sign a simple contract stating all the pertinent information like VIN number, mileage, accident free (or not).
    And rather or not the buyer can drive it with the previous owners license plates until he re-registers the car (I usually give them 5 days).

    The main thing is that the seller can verify date and time of sale.

    Once all that is done, and I have my contact, the buyer can take my former car, with my license plates and...

    Rob banks
    Blow through stop signs
    Run people and cops over like GTA 5
    Dump the car somewhere....

    And when the cops come looking for me, I simply show them the contract.

    Even if the buyer showed a fake ID, I'm still good to go.

    The only thing important to me is that the money is real when I sell a car. [​IMG]

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  14. audi2.JPG audi1.JPG a3.JPG a10.JPG audi 80.JPG 9.JPG I'm an expatriate and have lived in Germany since 1991 (was also here from 1980-82)

    When I was younger and reckless, I would go look for like-minded idiots and race them on the autobahn.

    At that time, my weapon of choice was a 96 Audi A4 that originally had a 4 banger but we replaced the engine/tranny/brakes with those from an Audi S4 - 2.7 liter V6 twin turbo (that way I could get around the expensive yearly taxes) added bigger turbo's and reprogrammed the engine management. Racing suspension by K&W. The wheels were Audi S6 16" with high speed, run-flat Dunlops (pic#3).
    I also had 18" Audi S8 wheels on it.

    No 4wd but not needed on the autobahn. Needless to say it was pretty f*ckin fast.
    Audi, BMW, Mercedes are limited to 250 kmh from the factory through the electronic engine management. Because mine was "Open", I could get almost 300 out of her.
    So when someone tried me with their new, bad-ass car that they paid a fortune for, all they saw was my tail lights.

    The black one was my 91 Audi 80 with a 2.8 liter V6 and was also pretty fast.

    And no, 20" wheels aren't a good idea here
    (Unless you've got money to spare)
    Although the autobahns are normally smooth, it's not always so on the secondary highways and city streets.

    At the most I'll run 18"s because of stiff suspension. The low profile of a 19" or 20" tire is just too easy to damage here.

    BTW, the newer cars are nice but they are packed with so much electronic bullsh*t that an old school “wrench” like me doesn’t want anything to do with them.

    Here's a few pics...
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