German Elections.

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  1. As you guys may or may not know, today we had elections in dear old Germany. And i'm making this thread just to rant about the results. I just feel like everyone needs too know how very pissed off I am.

    So, people in Germany have decided they want what we call Schwarz-Gelb running this country, a coalition of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and FDP (Free Democratic Party).

    Let me just start of by saying that we have 3 million people in Germany working for 1 euro an hour. 1 fucking euro. For comparison, a pack of cigs costs around 4.25 here. And now that we have voted these fucking cunts into power again, that figure will rise. Taxes are being upped AGAIN. Manager boni are not going to be fenced.

    Right now i'm paying 14% of my pay for health care. Which would be fine, but the health care is shitty, I still have to pay another 10 euros every single fucking time I visit a doctor and I pay for all medicine I may need. Those 14% are probably going too be upped as well.

    I don't know what point i'm making. I guess i'm not making one. I just hope this country goes straight down the drain from now (which i'm confident it will) and people learn from there mistakes for once. It just pisses me off that most people who vote for these two partys have no idea about politics and are unsure whether there party is left or right on a political spectrum.


    Oh, and entirely by the by, we have this bitch making the important decisions.....
  2. How are immigrants affecting Germanys problems? I know a few people that live in Germany and they regularly talk about turks and others immigrant workers that come into the country and I guess take jobs away? I am not from Germany so I don't really know. I also know that Germany spent all of the 90s essentially helping the east side of the country recover from communism. Now the european union wants to help all of Eastern Europe recover from communism. The problem is that Germany is the only country in the European Union looking from an economic standpoint.

    I have a couple questions for you

    1. Do you think Germany will stay in the European Union?

    2. In general do you think the EU will survive as an institution?

    3. If the EU survives is it going to unite Europe as one nation or remain more of an economic organization?

    4. How do do you feel about the EU personally?

    Germany is a very sad story. They got left out of the European expansion that came along with the industrial revolution. That caused them to try and expand into Europe in the 1900s and start WWI. WWI essentially allowed the Nazis to come into power and start WWII. WWII allowed communists to take over half of the country which is still causing problems in Germany and all of Europe today.

    Am I anywhere close to understanding what challenges face Germans and Europeans today? I am an American so I am strictly an observer but my family blood line is mostly German so I feel somehow connected to people over there. I don't even know why I posted all this I just want you to know that I sympathize with you and that I care.
  3. The immigrant "problem" is overstated in Germany. We don't have nearly as many turks here as everybody seems to think.

    The turks may be taking away a lot of jobs. But the root of the problem is that people, and i'm talking about turks, germans or whatever, simply don't earn enough. There is no law too force employers too pay decently.

    The upshot is that there are people working FULL TIME, in jobs that require one of the highest educations, who still need another 300-400 euros from the state in order to be able to afford a roof over there head and enough too eat. Of course, making employers pay there workforce decently would also force higher prices all around. You may recognize people could actually afford to pay higher prices (remember, they are being paid decently now) but the CDU and FDP do not.

    And because these two partys so fundamentally oppose higher prices all round, they are raising the "mehrwertssteuer" for the second time in 6 years soon. Which essentially means EVERYTHING is 2-4% more expensive. Food, clothing, etc. This tax is already at 16%.

    Germany has no choice but too stay in the european union. The economic effects of leaving the european union at this point would be disastrous. About the survival of the european union, I doubt it, but then again I doubt humanity as we now it will exist soon (with soon I mean the next 50 years).

    I don't have much of an opinion on the EU but I do doubt it's necessity. I also think it's just the extended arm of someone, who is profiting from all this somehow, too our cost.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention. A man in Germany, the name escapes me, who is 5 million euros heavy, payed a total of 0.007% taxes on his income. I pay 45%.

    Want to know what I think Germanys problem is? The dumb fucks who watch taxes go up, education standards go down until we have the worst schools in Europe, watch Frau Merkel spend 2 million euros taxpayers money on a bank managers birthday party, and still vote the same partys back into office. Germany is one of the few countrys that still has a wide range of political partys who are all capable of leading the country, going from left to mid-left to mid-right to right and radical right. Die Linke, Bundnis 90, SPD, NPD and the Piraten Partei are all partys with different ideas and ideals. CDU and, to an extent, FDP sit there and do nothing. In the weeks coming up to the elections all partys presented ideas on how to change this country for the better. The CDU had none of that.

    Just out of intrest, who would you choose to lead your country, just from hearing there voice if you don't understand german;

    [ame=]YouTube - Gregor Gysi, DIE LINKE: Deutschland braucht Mindestlöhne[/ame]

    I tried to find a video of Angela Merkel debating some case in the Bundestag so you could see how dull she is, but there seriously is no such video. I think this proves my point. Namely that Angela Merkel and the CDU do not do politics.

    Entirely by the by, people being pissed at turks is probably just because there all a bunch of fucking assholes. Not being racist, they aren't some kind of undeveloped species, however they just tend to be a bunch of very disagreeable people.

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