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Germ Question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Menchville, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. So me and my room mate are sitting here debating about if spraying lysol onto the vaporizer mouth peace kills the germs instantly?

    He insists on spraying it on each time after I hit because I am currently sick with what seems to be a cold.

    We have smoked after eachother tons of times over the last few days, what is not spraying it one time going to do?
  2. Just wipe if with a wet cloth. (Give him the illusion its clean)
  3. just apply a lighter to it or an isopropyl dunk would do it. Lysol's guarantee is only something like 'kills 99.9% of germs'.
  4. Just wrap something around it every time you take a hit. The lysol would taste like shit.
  5. I would not put anything near my mouth that was sprayed with lysol, that has got to have some nasty chemicals in it not good for your body..
  6. alcohol pad. voila
  7. maybe it kills the germs... but id take my chances with the germs before i sucked on something someone sprayed lysol on

    Someone already said it... run a lighter up and down it real quick or dip it in some iso real quick then threw some warm water
  8. yah, if ur having to share a mouthpiece while ur sick, run ur lighter down it to sterilize, and take a cloth with iso-alcohol or acetone and swab it real quick in between hits. make sure it's nice and dry before u puff off it, don't wanna be sucking on iso alcohol or acetone.
  9. buy a fucking new one !!!!!
  10. Wash with hot water.
  11. use one of those tips they give you in hookah bars, or a straw on the end of the whip... theres so many possibilites
  12. I did the straw thing when I was sick once. It worked like a charm.

    ~One Love~
  13. you guys are dumb dont put lysol in your mouth
  14. Don't share it, join the mean cunt krew.
  15. Spraying Lysol... On a mouthpiece... What?

    You guys have lost your mind...
  16. gotta be a troll, who the fuck would even ask or think of trying that bullshit... no dont put lysol
  17. LMFAO really dude?
  18. roll some joints or something or just use a lighter.
  19. Well.. Yea it would kill them instantly but I would take your turn smoking and then spray it with Lysol, wipe it down good and after that let him take his turn. Spraying after every hit seems silly.

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