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Gerd And Smoking

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dcunitedfan789, May 29, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, im pretty sure this is the best place for this thread, although it may not be 100% on topic.Recently in my life (about 6 or 7 months ago) i started having GERD symptoms. I originally thought it was anxiety, because it usually manifests itself in a tightness in my chest or a weird feeling in my throat. Two weeks ago I went to the doctor and he said it was all heartburn and GERD. So ive been taking 150 mg zantac twice a day since then and its gotten a little better but not great. Tomorrow I start stronger medicine.The thing is I was a heavy weed smoker (thats all i smoked regularly) and since then ive pretty much cut it out. In the past week i tried smoking twice. When all of this started smoking would irritate my symptoms a ton. It would be very uncomfortable in my chest, almost like a heart attack, and sometimes my stomach would feel extremely bloated. I had been smoking out of joints and bowls then. Now, I only use my bong, and the feelings are still there although i think theyre more manageable, mostly because i know what they are and i know ways to temporarily decrease the bad feelings. Ive searched the internet many a times for an answer, so hopefully some of you will have been in the same boat as me. I know smoking irritates the throat, which can lead to more intense heartburn and i know weed can help with GERD symptoms. But is there anyway to stop the smoking from irritating my throat completely? And will this medicine cure my GERD, or will i have to take zantac for the rest of my life? Im assuming if the GERD is cured, I can go back to smoking regularly and i wont have any discomfort, especiialy if im wary of heartburn
  2. i have heart burn bad all the time. it is all in your mind man its anxiety weed doesnt go to your stomach it goes into your lungs. which im sure you already know. i also have anxiety bad and sometimes i feel like that to when i smoke. then i play some ps3 and im fine. smoke a nice fat joint and keep your mind occupied watch a good tv show play some games watch funny shit on youtube. and i bet you wont even notice it until you think about it.
  3. Heartburn could be because of anxiety , but if you start smoking again ,you will be doing more harm to your lungs,and smoking could even aggrevate your heartburn problem..
  4. I should say i never really had any problems with anxiety, although when the pain started i was going through a lot of stress and worrying about school a lot. Its over now so that pressure is gone. Anyway ill try keeping my mind occupied 
  5. i have gerds also.haven't noticed smoking making it worse or anything. if you don't wanna smoke you could try vaporizing your reefer. it takes all the bad stuff from smoke out of the picture. and give a more intense hi. you could possibly go off zantac,but i would discuss it with a doctor. as to would reefer cure your gerds,i don't believe so.
  6. couple years late , but hows it going now?

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