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  1. i think georgia should pass the marijuana laws because southern people smoke alot of weed. I think that the government should be worried about other drugs insted like cocain and pills and shit that you can overdose on its a proven fact that you can not overdoes on mariuana. and if you feel the same way reply to this :smoke: keep smoking my friends
  2. Lol well I believe that your in agreement with everyone else on this site :smoke:

    Truth is though, us Georgians have no hope in the near future. Nearly all relevant politicians have spoken against legalization in GA. Honestly--and I know this sounds bad, because IT IS--Georgia is further behind on legalization than even ALABAMA!! :eek::eek::eek:

    I just moved to Atlanta from Montgomery, AL about 2 months ago and I thought things would be different here. Not so. Living in Atlanta makes you forget just how ass-backwards the rest of GA is. I'll post some relevant links in a few minutes for anyone who cares.
  3. Here's some clickables. For your health!

    Note: Not my articles. Thanks to those who did take the time to write these articles and uncover the enclosed info

    More of Sonny's Idiocy:
    Georgia Joins the List of States Banning Fake Marijuana | Cannabis Fantastic

    Hope...but not enough:
    Marijuana: Georgia Grand Jury Foreman Says Legalize It |

    Sen. Chambliss on Legalization:
    Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) on Marijuana Legalization | The NORML Stash Blog

    Sen. Isakson on Legalization
    Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) on Marijuana Law Reform | The NORML Stash Blog

    A simple google-ing will turn up page after page of GA anti-legalization tripe. The common train of thought is "I don't smoke so you can't either"

    Welcome to the TRUE heart of the South my friend :smoke:
  4. Damn dude well i think some brave bitch will step up and start a petion or some shit do something you know to do something to try increase the level of legal:smoke:ization.
  5. you want it leglized here in Hazard Country? lol We're gonna need numbers and alot of them. Problem is, ain't enough GA members on GC that I can find. Those that ARE on here prolly don't wanna help. Think about where we live man...Civil disobedience WILL get you arrested here. No questions about it. 10,000 pot smokers in Piedmont Park? They'll find 10,000 cops and 10,000 handcuffs
  6. True that. These Georgia authorities dont play.
    Not one bit.
  7. Right you are, Mr. Matt. Atlanta residents have it better than most, but still... It's like Georgia is just a non-issue state. People here may not particularly care one way or the other about legalization because GA just turns a blind eye until the rest of the country is staring at us for being out of place :rolleyes:
  8. You could be that "brave bitch." The attitude of always waiting for someone else to start something is why we don't have it legal yet...we all need to step up and demand it.
  9. Yes. I have been looking for some fellow Georgia people on this section. I too feel Georgia should legalize, but I also grew up in a smaller rural area of Georgia and this know how difficult it would be to get enough movement for this to pass in GA. I don't think most Georgians are anti-marijuana reform but the majority are not going to publicly be pro marijuana. I myself am willing to do my part here and am more than ready to help the cause - even if it does just get the word out to more Georgians that are not concerned.

    Prioritize. Legalize. Vaporize. Let's do this Georgia! :smoke:
  10. Being that we are in the "Bible Belt" it will be tough. Although I think the time is coming to start campaigning since California is on track to be totally Legal in November:hello:(Prop 19) and some key states on the eastcoast are already allowing legal mj with cards.

  11. I agree totally. GA NORML is pushing some legislation right now that will decriminalize possession up to an oz.. Also, some woman from Roswell, GA is driving this huge petitioning campaign for MMJ. Problem is, GA doesn't have ballot initiatives like our more liberal west coast friends :( damned hicks

  12. Really? That's awesome man. I see there is a UGA and a west Georgia NORML chapter. I would love to start a Georgia State University chapter if you're interested pm me. I think to start one you just have to have 5 active NORML members and it's even discounted for student chapters. I'm pretty sure there would be a huge following at GSU if we had some serious people to get it off the ground at state.

    Again pm me if you know someone who is interested that's a GSU student.
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    The south is still to red too accept marijuana. Hell, they have a hard time accepting other races. You think they'll be ok with wacky weed? California is about 40 years ahead of the south. Usually things happen first there then slowly spread over here.

    Oh how I hate the south... :(
  14. I've written to *every* politician in Georgia and I still haven't found one that supports (or even understands) legalization.

    The last one I wrote to was Lt. Governor Cagle - he said the facts I sent about the cartels murdering and mutilating innocent people because of the prohibition were "interesting" but he didn't see legalization happening any time soon.

    I'm going to keep writing - every time they have to reply to me they have to think about the statistics I send them. How can they feel like good Christian folk when they could stop the sadistic murder of thousands of innocent people?
  15. What if we all wrote to one of our legislators on the same day?

    It might make them notice us a bit and it'd bind us together and get us working as a group.

    We need a forum in Georgia where we can talk to each other, encourage each other and support each other. Right now, the only way I know that other people smoke in Georgia is when I read about the pot arrests in the local paper!

    What'll you all say? We work as a group and get the issue of Marijuana Legalization noticed in Georgia!


  16. I'm down 100%. I'd like to help the local colleges get on board as well. I wonder if we could get someone from LEAP or NORML to speak at the schools here. Im still learning my way around ATL so I could do with some local friends that are in the right spirits. Plus I need sesh buddies lol.
  17. Turn on CNN everyone. They are talking about how the economy would change if Marijuana was legalized. The government could make more than a billion dollars in tax money. A BILLION! It would help our debt deficit if it were to be legalized.

    A senator that was against legalization of marijuana said that he is against the prop because it will decrease productivity in America....WTF??? I hope he doesn't mean we are all gonna become lazy.

    AND The job market would take off once jobs are created in the marijuana industry.
  18. LOL the state that prohibits Sunday alcohol sales? It will be illegal here for a while. I'm just hoping for an advance towards decriminalization. I've seen too many friends go to jail for tree in Georgia.
  19. Good, It's worth a try anyway. Maybe the best thing will be to create a yahoo group - that way you'll get alerts sent direct to your email about who the day's legislator will be and their email address.

    Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. :smoke:
  20. Yea, Jobs would increase IMO.

    If it was legal on a federal level I'd imagine the economy would take a big boost.

    Imagine a marijuana factory?

    planters, cultivators, harvesters, shipping, receiving, seed production, pipe making, hashish, candies, butter, building of the factories. Marijuana can be a serious cash crop. It's too bad the politicians are too afraid to take a stance on it. I think they are because most of America still thinks wacky weed makes you go insane. People in this Country need to be re-educated on marijuana. The misinformation and slander is appalling.

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