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  1. if that is indeed true about the bill coming into effect next year...
    i will shit my pants. i swear.
    full blown, projectile shit my pants.
    the only thing i see is tons of indirect regulation. like harsher laws on 'where' you can smoke in public. or regulations on actually acquiring the shit.
    id imagine if you get caught with it, youd need proof that its medical and not illegally bought off the street.
    im sure ATL will jump on it, along with some other northern Ga cities, but down here i dont see much progression...
    theres to much police and political control around here that most people are too afraid to even think about bringing it up in a meeting of any kind.
  2. I have always advocated for the medicinal benefits of MMJ. I agree with the low THC high CBD content of MMJ. It works wonders for pain. And it works better for Chemo patents than anything that big pharma has come up with so far. Cancer centers are prescribing marinol to chemo patients. But i have read that actually smoking it, regardless of euphoric effects, has the best remedy for aliviating the nausea in chemo patients, taking away the "wasting sydrome" and they eat!!!!
  3. Pretty sure it's a joke.  I saw the buzzfeed article and immediately came here for other information.  Sadly, there is none.  Also, if you google Georgia HB 2312, nothing comes up except the buzzfeed article and some other unrelated links.  Also, one article says recreational use is going to be legal, the other medicinal.  I got my hopes up, too :/
  4. My roommate found that article. We all called bullshit... it would be nice but I doubt it.

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