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    Newsbuzzdaily is a SATIRE SITE. If you google the HB 2312 bill for Georgia,there is no information the bill. Plus, if you search on Georgia's state website, the bill DOES NOT exist. P.S. I live in Ga.
  2. As much as I would love to see this happen. Its not going to for a while. They are just now "researching" MMJ and in limited uses. Mainly in the form of CBD oils. Georgia has a long way to go before it has a awesome set up like Colorado.
  3. Yea I saw this and got excited lol, there is no way my state is legalizing anytime soon 
  4. It will take Cannabis getting legalized at the federal level BEFORE Ga. decides to even consider legalizing it on the state level. It is sad that it is that way, but because of the good ole boy network that is the political system of Ga., it will be like pulling teeth to get it to happen. Too many carrer politicans are in Ga., and they could care less about you. All they care about is getting their pockets lined with money. Anytime a politican speaks, look at who is paying them and you will see their intentions.

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