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  1. The Georgia CARE Project and Peachtree NORML have made a hard push in the last year to identify and commit politicians to having a reasonable conversation about marijuana. They already had a few on board when along comes a new ASA chapter in Atlanta made up of moms with kids who have Dravet Syndrome. They got a couple of awesome stories on Atlanta TV stations and BOOM, we now have a Senate bill introduced calling for a medical marijuana study committee and a House republican promising to introduce a full-on medical marijuana bill.Several other prominent politicians are piling on, including the Speaker of the House.

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    People with seizures will lead the movement further than anyone else. there is no denying that the herb stops the seizures and anyone can see it is working and not causing side effects or addiction. if only doctors in America did not want their patients paying for their houses and boats and cars and keeping that patient addicted for life on fake synthetic meds that cause massive harm in the human living system.......................  sad that we have come to this type of preying on others( sick people none the less) how much more low can humanity get after that?
    I sit here and judge but think of all the doctors in the land who will sleep better at night knowing they helped heal others and did not cause harm in the process with quackery,addictive fake meds.
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    Sad thing is the person who is in charge of the committee said the bill isn't on her agenda, the good news is if we can get other politicians in this state on board they might be able to swade her so it can go to a vote or another committee if it has to go to another one.
  4. Hopefully something happens, I'm moving to Georgia on the 28th of Feb.
  5. Sad, but true. Well said.
  6. maybe I do some research on mm legalization history, but am I the only one thinking it strange a Republican who started this latest possible breakthrough?
  7. Man I really hope this goes throughI'm tired of meeting up with dealers to ease my father's PTSD
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    Why is it strange? Politician will be politicians. There's Dem's that don't want it legal and there's Rep's that do vice versa...............
  9. BILL HB 885 Haleigh's Hope Act has more republicans backing it than democrats here in ga

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