Georgia Lawmaker Calls for Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders

Discussion in 'Politics' started by H2O420, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders | NORML Blog

    Sounds like a plan! :rolleyes:
  2. wtf Georgia?
  3. What a redneck asshole.

    From his webpage...
    706.335.5519 - Office
    706.367.5891 - Home

  4. Just when you thought the neanderthals were all gone...

    I didn't have to ask if he was a republican, the title of the story, said it for him.

    If you need meaningless words of cruelty and a complete misunderstanding of morality, always consult a republican first.

    It's amazing that just when you think you've heard every backwoods idiot in America spout off about why fear and lies should dominate our thinking on every issue...

    The 4th Amendment vs. The Neocon Idiom.

    I like that term, maybe it will stick...The Neocon Idiom.

    Don't be a Neocon Idiomist, it's bad for your mental health, and will lead your party into seizures and spasticity.;)
  5. Hey now, don't go spreading around all this shit about how Republicans are the devil, I myself am a Republican and a Conservative and I smoke Marijuana everyday and various other drugs. Just because most of them are assholes doesn't mean all of us are.
  6. I'm sitting in Lowndes County right now. Quite a place if you like humidity, football, and church.
  7. I just sent him an e-mail. This is completely insane!

  8. LMAO +rep for the find. Tommy needs a call or two.
  9. :confused: He didn't appoint himself......why the fuck would you guys in Georgia vote for this guy????????
  10. This man isnt human

    hes a fucking alien terrorist.
  11. I don't think any Georgia stoners voted for this guy, but he isn't from my part of the state so I don't know. It's disgusting that a state legislator would forward an email to the Lowndes County Sheriff's office hoping to get someone arrested when he's located nowhere near here. I think he's the one that deserves to be caned.
  12. Sad to think that this hasn't made any national news yet
  13. Ironically I think it is for his own safety, he is the one who deserves to be canned, he deserves what he approves of, is that just for you mr. lawman
  14. Who the hell votes these people into office? Doesn't the stench ever get to them?
  15. It's usually dismissed as swamp gas.:D

    I also notice the odor out in California.

    The B-52's should write a new State song and call it "The Bud Shack".

    Then this dipshit should be made to cane himself to it, while dancing in a diaper, with a David Carradine necktie on, and we'll get that on the internet.

    Let him live that down. He'll never live this down. If I was in Georgia, I would consider it my duty to poop on his lawn.

    Piss on his Bushes, too.
  16. Someone drive by his house.
  17. times like these is when im glad CANADA does not carry out execution . What a damn Brick. I bet you he smokes weed and just wants all to himself.
  18. Nobody said they were the devil. My mother has been a republican all her life!

    I said if you want to push the envelope on stupid, mean, greedy, nasty, or being detached completely from reality, you should consult a Republican first.

    Dick Cheney would agree.;)
  19. Get the fuck out?:eek: I would have never guessed.
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    This is probably the fourth or fifth time I've asked you, but do you know what a republican is?

    Every time I read one of your posts, I'm sure to find generalizations of the entire republican party.

    Back on topic, I can't believe that man would have ever been voted into office. Glad I don't live in GA.

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