Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by HCL, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. From my NORML update on Facebook:

    What... the... fuck is this guy trying to do? Run a dictatorship within Georgia? FFS, how do people like this get elected? How do WE THE PEOPLE vote a guy like this into office?
  2. repost, bro :wave:
  3. thats fucked up..... how could he have such an ass backwards approach towards weed, i mean KILL PEOPLE, is he fucked?

    ive never harmed anyone will high, and NO ONE has died from pot... weeds just a victimless fuckin 'crime' if you wanna call it that, why doesnt the prick go after tobacco, which kills 400,000+ a year, or alcohol.

    people should have the same attitude towards pot as they do teenage sex/pregnancy

    you cant stop it, people are gonna do what there gonna do, and people should spend more time teaching others how to use drugs safely and responsibly:mad:

    save execution for killers, which is a whole other topic:wave:
  4. Oh :(
  5. Write this guy and let him know that his disrespect for personal liberty will get him voted out of office and that you're going to make it your duty to do so.
  6. lol that guys a tool
  7. I just wrote to this guy and told him everything he needs to know about his actions. What an ugly ass motherfucker he is.
  8. Anyone seen Angels and Demons? Or actually read the book? Abduct him, do some weird Illuminati BS, and then cram as much fine ass dank you can down his throat until he suffocates.

    Yeah, it's fucked. But Goddamn, people gotta learn we ain't fucking around no mo'. >:D
  9. This guy is insane. He won't be serving much longer.
  10. What a redneck asshole.

    From his webpage...
    706.335.5519 - Office
    706.367.5891 - Home

  11. I am so ashamed to have been born in the same town as this douchbag.
  12. everyone call that bitches house phone leave him a message u know i did:mad:
  13. hahaha he probably got his ass kicked by a couple of stoners in high school.
  14. boo this man! booooo!
  15. Ah.

    Good ole Georgia scum. It is an embarrassment to even live here at times.

  16. I think this man has honestly just destroyed any chance of a reelection

    what a jackass
  17. To the OP!
    Did not see the post before i put it up in the legalazation section. the contact info from the article is located there, you may want to update your OP with the contact info
  18. hahaha omg, yea lets kill people dealing, my god what a fucking whacko, its hitler reincarnate
  19. BTw i also e-mailed Mr. Armentoero or however its spelled and also left a comment on the NORMl blog. THe comment was hte contact info, the e-mail to Mr A was to give him the info and say that i hoped it was an oversight that the e-mail and phone contacts were left off the norml article on the same.

    Since Benton clearly states that he wants nothing more to do with opponents of marijuana prohibition, you definitely should not email him at or call him at 404-656-0177.

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