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Georgia: Know your candidates for Election Day 2010

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by 420FLASmoka, Jun 3, 2009.

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    So after discussing with a few other Georgians about how there is nothing being done here in GA towards legalization, we've decided to take this first step in getting organized, and to make a list of future canidates in the next election, and from there, through the process of elimination, we should be able to find which canidates will be most sympathetic to our cause.

    The next state election is in 2010 people! Not far away!

    So here's the deal, I wanted to lay down a framework for this list. I'm sure there are offices that I'm going to forget, so please chime in. This can be anything from Governor to county offices. Let's get active, Georgia!

    If you know a canidate, please give us the name and any information you may have about their views, including party and current office(s) held.

    Georgia State Offices
    Katie Handel (R) - Secretary of State
    John Oxendine (R) - State Insurance Commisioner
    Austin Scott (R)
    David Poythress (D)
    Dubose Porter (D)
    Eric Johnson (R)
    John Monds (L) - Libertarian for Governor!
    Ray McBerry (R)
    Thurbert Baker (D)
    Nathan Deal (R)

    Lieutenant Governor
    Casey Cagle (R) (Incumbent)

    Secretary of State
    Brian Kemp (R)
    Doug MacGinnitie (R)

    Attorney General
    Ken Hodges (D)
    Rob Teilhet (D)

    School Superintendent
    Kathy Cox (R) (Incumbent)
    Brian Westlake (D)
    Richard Woods (R)

    Insurance Commisioner
    Gery Purcell
    Mary Squires (D)

    Labor Commisioner
    Michael L. Thurmond (D) (Incumbent)
    Melvin Everson (R)

    Public Service Commission
    District 2
    Bobby Baker (R) (Incumbent)

    State Legislature
    State House
    Current Speaker of the House
    Glenn Richardson

    State Senate

    Federal Representation
    U.S. Senate
    Johnny Isakson (R) (Incumbent)
    Allen Buckley (L) - Strong Pro-Drug Reform Candidate! Refer to on his drug policy.

    U.S. Congress
    District 1
    Jack Kingston (R) (Incumbent)

    District 2
    Sanford Bishop (D) (Incumbent) - Potentially Sympathetic to Drug Reform
    *Potential* Lee Ferrell (R) - Defeated in 2008 election

    District 3
    Lynn Westmoreland (R) (Incumbent) - Opponent to Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana.

    District 4
    Hank Johnson (D) (Incumbent) - Potential Pro-Drug Reform

    District 5
    John Lewis (D) (Incumbent) - Pro-Drug Reform!

    District 6
    Tom Price (R) (Incumbent)

    District 7
    John Linder (R) (Incumbent)

    District 8
    Jim Marshall (D) (Incumbent)

    District 9

    District 10
    Paul Broun (R) (Incumbent)

    District 11
    Phil Gingrey (R) (Incumbent)

    District 12
    Wayne Mosley (R)
    Carl Smith (R)
    *Unconfirmed* John Barrow (D) (Incumbent)

    District 13
    David Scott (D) (Incumbent) - Possibly sympathetic to Drug Reform

    Fulton County Offices

    Cobb County Offices

    Cherokee County Offices

    Dekalb County Offices

    Gwinnett County Offices

    Chime in with some new additions :)

    If you'd like to see your current elected state officials, visit Georgia Elections, Georgia Candidates and Politics

    I found this site helpful in finding canidate names...
    SWGA Politics » 2010 GA Governor Candidates

    I found this site helpful in finding Democratic Party canidates...
    Democratic Candidates

    To find what district you are represented by, refer to this website...
  2. Oh and can we get this stickied please?
  3. Man awesome!! I'll definitely add to this.
  4. You know what I find interesting...I can't find Saxby Chambliss listed on the Georgia GOP website..I don't think he's running for re-election.
  5. yeah I noticed that. There's nothing on his website though indicating whether he'll run or not
  6. I found this site very helpful. It's a list of current Georgia Political Leader's different views on Drugs, whether it be meth or medical marijuana. A few listings of medical marijuana legislation support are listed there, might be a good place for us to start our research...
    Drugs: Georgia Political Leaders' views
  7. You know, it's amazing how many pro-drug reform incumbents we have in office right now, but yet GA is still considered so anti-drugs. Of course this is US state representatives, but still. Im trying to find some information on current state legislature views, but unfortunately there's not much information. It's like marijuana or any drug reform is just plain out not discussed in our legislatiure, not that anyone is necessarily against it. I also believe from the research I've been doing that GA no longer has a drugged driving law, which would allow a person to be charged with DUI if they have any marijuana metabolites in their system.
  8. Westmoreland is my district. I will be sure to start spreading the word against.

  9. I've taken steps to start organizing a list of state legislator emails to send arguments and inquiries on everyone's position. I figure we need to find out where our current legislation stands as well :)
  10. Taking a fight to the state on marijuana is a losing battle for right now. You have to know when to pick your battles and right now is not it. SUCKS but it's reality.
  11. I agree that there are a lot of issues affecting Georgia right now that can overcast the marijuana issue, but since when is one issue more important than the other? For example, one of the big issues with Georgia's system is balancing the budget. If marijuana was legalized and/or regulated, taxes and the money saved via law enforcement will be a big step in the right direction to solving that issue.

    The benefits of legalizing marijuana goes far beyond keeping stoners out of jail, it's just another piece of a bigger picture.
  12. I agree 100%. The meth the mexicans are selling is MELTING people's brains. That shit needs to be stopped. Use some of the monies to fight that shit.
  13. And unfortunately stoners are forced into the black market, often surrounded by outside hard drugs that we have no interest in, and around people sometimes we feel the same way about. Meth, heroin, cocaine, and even black market firearms are becoming more and more intertwined with a marijuana market that's funding these criminal organizations. To me, smoking is much more than just "getting high" or looking for a buzz, it's how I stabilize myself; it's therapeutic, spurring all kinds of thinking. And if we can get people to understand this, that taking marijuana out of the hands of vicious cartels and putting it in the hands of responsible individuals at a safe location, it's a no-brainer to realize the benefits on crime alone, let alone the economic benefits. Hopefully we'll succeed by allying with legislators to get this done. Everyone should refer to...

    Georgia Norml Working to reform marijuana laws
  14. This topic isn't dead, if anyone knows any other canidates for this upcoming election, say so!

    Only we can make the difference. The time for sitting and waiting for someone else to do it has passed, now we need to realize that if someone doesn't take the first step, noone will. Let's do this Georgia!
  15. nice stuff man thanks. Sticky this!!!
  16. just got a letter from westmorelands office he is not for lmedical or legalizaton he needs to go

  17. Thanks for the info :) List is updated! Thanks for participating. +rep

    And I did ask a mod to sticky this, must of been overlooked. Mods, please sticky this for us.
  18. Saxby is not running for re-election because his term is not over yet i think. They have state elections every two years he ran his first term in like 2002 i think and got re-elected in 2008 so his current 6 year term is not over I believe this is why it is called a staggerd 6 year term so only one guy is elected at a time and both seats are never contested in the same general election. They do this so 1/3 of total seats in the senate are up for election every 2 years.

    Someone correct me if im wrong.
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    District 1 Jack Kingston-Opposes MJ; however, he has changed his tune slightly since Eric Holder put it in writing about not using Federal resources to circumvent state laws. He isn't for it, but he is starting to sound like he might actually entertain at least hearing the idea (but please bear in mind he has the southest of south GA and the home of the most bible beaters). His biggest opponent who would support MJ will not be running next election. I personally asked him and he said the fundraising aspect is out of control and thats why he won't persue further. Jack Kingston is on the Appropriations committee so he doesn't vote on pertinent bills toward our cause.

    What kills me about Jack Kingston is his entire platform is spending less money, less gooberment involvement, more patients rights, and veterans rights. But when it comes to spending less on the drug war, taking the governement out of my doctors office for MJ, allowing patients to safe access, and giving veterans the right to treat PTSD with Cannabis, then oh no we can't have all that. We have Marinol for that and we don't want to send the wrong message to our youth. Which is about the same scripted answer as any of them.

    Not only is the right candidate important but also the candidates on the correct committies.

    Members on the House Judiciary Committee and the House of Energy and Commerce are especially important. In GA the Districts that vote on those committees are:

    4th District: DeKalb County, Rockdale County, or Gwinnett County Contact Rep Hank Johnson at

    9th District: Dade County, Walker County, Catoosa County, Whitfield County, Murray County, Gordon County, Fannin County, Pickens County, Gilmer County, Union County, Dawson County, Lumpkin County, Forsyth County, Hall County, or White County contact Rep Nathan Deal at

    11th District: Bartow County, Carroll County, Chatooga County, Cobb County, Floyd County, Gordon County, Haralson County, Paulding County, or Polk County contact Rep Phil Gingrey at

    12th District: Baldwin County, Bullock County, Burke County, Candler County, Chatham County, Effingham County, Emanual County, Evens County, Glascock County, Hancock County, Jefferson County, Jenkins County, Johnson County, Montgomery County, Richmond County, Screven County, Taliaferro County, Tattnal County, Toombs County, Treutlen County, Warren County, or Washington County contact Rep John Barrow at

    Of these, my personal feeling is that Hank Johnson would be sympathetic. John Lewis from Dist 5 would be also but I don't know what committees he's on.

    Isakson and Chambliss need to go ahead and retire, they are both out of tune with the public and reality.

    Perdue is going to be a tough nut to crack b/c Georgian's know as long as they have Perdue for Gov. we will still get HOPE Scholarship. Every election they always bring up HOPE Scholarship and every election he wins. If we could get a candidate on our side AND to vow to keep HOPE, then Georgian's might listen. I am convinced this is why he is still in office. Hell, I even voted for the guy, b/c I want my education, and I am going to smoke whether or not I have that education.

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