George Norrey[ Coast To Coast] Bailed On Us Last Night, Over The Ouija Board,

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. HES been prompting for 4 months now that he was going to do a live broadcast and use the ouija board,,,,,
    well last night he had 3 guest, and himself,,, one guest brought a 1915,,, ouija board,,, a old fucker,,, 1 guest was totally against it,,,, the other 2 was ready to go,,,

    they did a protection ceromony,,,,and the 1 guest that was against it ent to rambling on,,,, against it,,, and in the end,,, he had the board put away,,,,

    and they talked about how he made his own desicion,,,,,, and it was respectfull,,, i guess it was,,,, BUT DAMN, I WAS SO READY FOR THIS SHOW TO GET BUSY... did anyone else catch this,,,,

    im so dissapointed..... as if i was going to get some,,,, and my peter wouldnt get hard,,,,,,:eek:
  2. Science > not science
  3. superstistion?,,ancient culture!===== unexplainable!!!!!!!=== unlogical?science again?== unanswerable..............

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