George A. Romero

Discussion in 'Movies' started by deadhead4-2-0, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Anybody else love this guys work? just watched martin one of the best vampire movies ive ever seen once again george has kept me entertained to the very end. i grew up with the original dawn of the dead literally i lived about 5 minutes away from the monroeville mall when i was a kid and George films take me back to a time when i was a little more easily scared but i still watch his classics till this day.
  2. just watched most of the crazies cuz of that remake thats coming out and I gotta say it seemed pretty boring to me.... That said I love the dead movies and am gonna watch martin real soon
  3. I know he is the granddaddy of zombie movies but I gotta say, I'm really not too crazy over his work.

    I hate slow moving zombies. They're boring as shit to me.
  4. I actually like the remakes of his films better than his actual movies. The 1990 remake of Night Of The Living Dead is one of my favorite zombie films. The remake of Dawn Of The Dead is great too. The original films, eh, not so much.

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