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  1. #1 - Is it just me or does the new euro money look wierd? I was looking at the 2 euro coin today and I swear Norway and sweden look like a hanging penis and scrotum. All you europeans check out your money and tell me if I'm wrong. There they are in the upper right portion of the coin dangling down like a spent porno star at the end of the day.

    #2 - Critter, what do the globes look like in Australia? Here in the USA our globes of the Earth have a base with a rod sticking out. The rod is attached to the earth globe at the SOUTH pole and have the North Pole on top. Are the globes in Australia reversed with the North pole on the bottom and the South Pole on top? And when you spin the globe does Australia come out on top or do you have to pick up the globe and look "under" it to see Australia like we do?

    #3 - Critter again. What about your road maps and atlases. When I look at a road map of Australia I see it from the point of view of a northern hemisperian. Perth on the left side of the page, Melbourne at the bottom and Sidney and Brisbane on the right. Are your maps reversed of this or are they the same. Also are your maps of the USA oriented like ours are with California on the left, new york on the right and Texas on the bottom?

    #4 - Eurpeans this time. What country does the typical European atlas start with? I mean if you buy a street map of Europe Which country comes first? Or does it depend on which country the maps were made in or which country the maps are sold in? Here, Our Atlas starts with the USA and then on to each individual state (province) in alphabetical order. Then nxt comes Canada and its provinces , and then finally Mexico.

    Where do these questions come from in my mind and why do I have such a curiosity of the world?
  2. I dont know the answers to any of those questions but I have heard that water goes counterclockwise down the drain in Australia.
    I wonder if thats true?:D

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  3. Im interested in the response. What if I had a Euro Map here. People would look at me like a freak. I guess that is referred to as ethnocentrism?

  4. yea the water spins the opposite way in the southern least thats wut science told me...i always wondered y.....
  5. I imagine that everywhere uses North as the top of their maps/globes but I'd be curious to find out if anywhere didn't.
  6. dude this thread is over ten mother fucking years old.
    come on bro...
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    Any money not from my native country is weird looking haha.
    Holy shit, fuckin thread necro. I'm disappointed in you Free Hat, you should know better!
  8. I'm getting smashed by @[member="Enigma"] in the race to 5000 posts, so if I have to go back 10 years to find a thread that I have something to contribute to then so be it.

    Honestly though I just think it's pretty cool that we can just jump into a decade old conversation and continue it as if it was just started yesterday. You want to talk about time travel, this is it. We're living it now with the internet.
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  10. I think he's gonna beat you man.
  11. Most likely but i gotta at least make it close.
  13. Pointless now

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